alyssa ||-//

in trench i’m not alone. river city regiment 11-11-18

thank you so much for everything you’ve helped me with. thank you for being the reason i’m still here. and thank you to the people who made this experience amazing. now let’s date. ||-// #banditooakland #banditotour
dazed & confused.
laugh ‘till we cried.
incredibly blessed to see this man twice. thank you harry for an amazing time.
i got a love i would die for and a song to sing. maybe we’re both just living out our dream.
i’m so happy to say that we are now freshman’s in high school. i’ve been waiting for this day since 5th grade. i’m so happy that all of you got to promote and get to achieve even bigger things in life. i hope to see you guys around river city. have fun with your life’s and never give up. sincerely all of my love, alyssa. ❤️❤️
“everyone do a t-pose !!”
well i could be angry, but you’re not worth a fight. and besides i’m moving on. 🙃
can’t describe just what i’m feeling for you.