When you want to like snow but like is too strong of a word #winterbegone
“If you were the winter I know I’d be the snow just as long as you were with me when the cold winds blow.” -All I want is you, The Vespers #anjandak #wintertime @aherin2
Can’t seem to break this baby fever... good thing I’m 30 weeks pregnant 🤰🏼#babyherin #growingahuman #anjandak @aherin2
Seeing clearly with new glasses and a whole lot of God’s grace
Today was the first in over a year that my love and I have had a Saturday together with no work or social engagements. We baked, we avoided house projects and chores, we did the grocery shopping together, and laughed. Together was a wonderful thing to be, it felt like love and rest, like Saturday. #anjandak #herinhoopla #saturday #qualitytime #messesandfrenchpresses
Bubbles are the best snack. #abel #eatthebubbles #mybubbles #nobubblesforbaby
“Go that way!” Went to @danielsvineyard for the first time with some sweet friends and we just had to get in the awesome truck
This one’s for the girls #dayofthegirl #VOWforGirls
The monarchs are in full flight this year and what a sight #Sawitonawalk #beautifulbutterfly
Had a great time with @nessabecker46 at the @itownchurch women’s conference this weekend. The theme was Into the Unknown and while we had a blast (off), we also learned a lot about the peace of God and Wonder Women of the Bible. I was already able to use something I learned this morning: I went to pre-service prayer with a toddler and didn’t worry about if my serving looked messy (just a little applesauce was all over the floor). I’m excited to step into the unknown future with a God who knows it, and with the confidence of a daughter of the King.
I married into this giant, amazing, close, loving family. Not just the immediate family but the whole, extended thing. This was handmade by my husband’s cousin (@kristidavid21 ) for a little girl who already adores this beautiful blanket. Thank you Kristi for this very special gift ❤️ #blessed #family #lois
Fall has finally fallen upon us #falldecor #falltime
Had a date night to a pre-season win! It's fun to live in a state with an NFL team #colts #nightout
Long wait=impromptu tailgate *Snacks and tunes included @faceanimalclinic #keepthebabyhappy #3hours #Abel #herinadventures
It only poured a little at the Bon Iver concert ⛈ @aherin2 @happy_go_linds #summertime #oldfriends #anjandak
Beachin' on the lawn #landlocked #anjandak #babyherin #abel
(April 12th) The fourth anniversary: fruit and flowers but he's a baker 😉 Marriage is challenging and wonderful and sometimes easy, it changes life, grows, stretches, pulls, pushes, it has moments of extreme emotion, and times of mundaneness, it is a place of exploration and comfort, peace and love, it's worth it. Here's to four years and the rest ahead 🍻 @aherin2
First time attending a wedding since we became a family of three, caught a precious daddy-daughter moment, got a family picture, and celebrated friends! It's times like these that we don't want to take for granted *side note* I wore pants because #breastfeeding and the whole time I kept chanting "pants are power" to ward off insecurities #proudmama #pantsarepower #weddingcelebrations #anjandak #lois #herinadventures
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