Amanda Witherspoon

MD// AZ U of A ΣΚ

Turned my birthday into a birthweek 🥂
It’s about damn time🍾 #21 #21 #21
Hey @eminem I still think you’re relevant.
Pretty sure yesterday was the best day of my life #beychella
Back in my element ⚡️
Legs longer than this semester
Just going to pretend like were not gonna be seniors next year...
I plan some pretty fun events @sigmakappa_az
Happpiiii 🌼
The title is social chair but I wasn't able to sit down once #formal
A lil weekend getaway 🥂
'twas a day 🌟
Extremely happy to be back 💃
We "postgamed" for 2 hours last night... Merry dead day 💃
PSA‼️: The scariest day of the year is here .. kasey's (chasey's) 21st birthday. HBD pretty girl. So happy to call this one my best friend, Idk what I would have done without you these past couple years. Thanks for all the insane and amazing memories.... can't wait to create more tonight especially dancing on speakers, falling into the splits, and running into taco bell. We will always be a one of a kind duo... if the first pic doesn't explain our relationship then idk what does. Love you sm ❤️👯
Till next year tgate season 👋🏼
"Bend the knee, I promise you mercy" - Khalessi aka mother of dragons 🐉
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