Amanda Witherspoon

MD// AZ U of A ΣΚ

So much love for the big 🍎
Lowkey glad I only have one dead day left #unwell
Watch ya back ⚔️🖤
S/o to @katie_dufficy for showing us her beautiful home✨
Happy 2 be here 🌼
Our fav day of the week!
Mood before we lost the game!!
Honestly spread my ashes @ omnia
“ I think we should stay here”
We’re lowkey still freshman at heart
Back at it again with the bff!
Huge s/o to Sigma Kappa for helping me find my person ❣️
My hunnies ❤️
Philo girlies!! 🌟
Last one, Best one ⚡️
Good to be back at the mansion ✨
Turned my birthday into a birthweek 🥂
It’s about damn time🍾 #21 #21 #21
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