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When you do anything for that perfect insta pic. Only if you all could see how the 🌊 almost drowned me seconds after... classic! Thankyou to my lousy baywatch @tarekhamidi @ailarershadi for paying attention. Not! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ Thank God I found my shades! Thankyou for the click @jgorskie 😘
All you need is a stunning model, Cool outfit And some creativity. ;) miss thing @ailarershadi doing her thing. ❀️
WEEKEND! Back with my partner on the dance floor @ailarershadi ❀️ @iamcardib I like it like that... okrrrrrr!
Heaven on earth ❀️ See you soon! Miss this already @ailarershadi @tarekhamidi @jgorskie 😘
Chilling with the clique. Totally natural mr.zoolander @jgorskie 😜 baby dolphin @tarekhamidi and clumsy mermaid @ailarershadi
Rescuing Ailar, myself or Jason.. you decide? PS: can’t swim. ( gotta do everything for that one good shot)
Golden hour!
What ya lookin at... 🎼 Girl bye!
Vacay mode on!
Warrup fashion industry!!!!
You can’t sit with us because we literally don’t have more space left on this couch. (Ps: @tarekhamidi why do you look like @maikenwn pet cat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜)
ICONIC! Irish Artist, Who Drew Iconic Che Guevara Poster, Portrays Ahed Tamimi as a Superhero. #ahedtamimi #freepalestine
Pretty in pastels. Pink and lavender. πŸ¦„
πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’@mariehallen @gustavmorstad @amaliesnolos , where is @tarekhamidi
Styled my starlet for the Elle party.
Last night I read this news about the innocent Razan Al Najjar.I cried for hours as I felt so helpless when I read it. These are the times when you sit back and reflect on your life and analyze about what you are doing to give back to the world and your people. I felt so empty and all my achievements seemed so superficial and aimless. We are so caught up in ourselves. Our meaningless lives and the plastic world which has been created around us. Razan Al Najjar was yet another wake up call for me. What a courageous, righteous, strong young woman. She is a true face of a super hero, a strong woman, a feminist. These are the kind of women I want my nieces and young girls to Idolize. May Allah give you the highest rank in Jannah sister. Ameen! πŸ’” #razanalnajjar #freepalestine #gaza
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