I like your boots.

Just popped and locked out of the shower after the best day of skiing, I zoomed all over the mountains like sonic the hedgehog with rocket shoes ⛷
Skiing from the summit of the Rocher Du Charvet (a hella big mountain) over 9000ft and in -14 degrees C. and IT IS AMAZING!!!🗻
Happy #internationalwomensday !!😄 I woke up to the strangest thing today, all the women in the world were in my house which as you can guess, made it slightly crowded but right now I’m trying to make tea for about 3 billion women who are chillin in my kitchen so if anyone has any spare tea bags that would be much appreciated
I couldn’t focus properly on looking at the camera because this tiny corn on the cob kept flying around it like a bee, and just when I thought that was distracting enough, it started singing Gods Plan!? Since when do flying corn on the cobs sing Drake??
You know that joke when you talk about something being black or dark and you say “like my soul” and it’s fun and silly and tumblr hahaahaha- yeah that’s no joke for me, it’s my REALITY. Because my soul is so dark it literally seeps out into my clothes making them all turn black! It’s driving me crazy! All I want is to wear a bright green top like the one in this photo but no, it’s black now- does anyone have a nice, bright soul that I could borrow please? Thnx xoxo
5 Bucks see ya go! 5 Bucks on my toe! 5 Bucks, look at Joe! 5 Bucks in the snow! 5 Bucks Simpson’s Moe! 5 Bucks silento! 5 Bucks my pet crow! 5 Bucks pedalo. - @houssein ‘s 5 Bucks music video is now out on YouTube! Search ‘HousseinVEVO’ :)
Had such a fun time at the #BRITs yesterday! Such a shame that the red set behind me managed to transform itself into a dragon for the Chinese New Year, then it was really awkward cause I had to go on stage and remind it that it was the year of the dog and everyone had that second hand embarrassment feeling cause the dragon got it wrong and had to like fly away really awkwardly- but Ed Sheeran was good so
Stan and I accidentally glued our eyes shut, I managed to get one back open but poor Stan is still stuck. So we’ve been walking around and everyone thinks Stan’s asleep and I’m winking at everyone! Does anyone have any anti glue stuff thanks
I need help. Every time I drink orange juice I get stuck in this weird, never ending loop that I can’t get out of! Often, people don’t believe me but this time I captured it on video! So if you know any orange juice loop specialists, be a Good Samaritan, let me know. (GIF FROM @houssein ‘s MUISC VIDEO! ‘5 BUCKS’ COMES OUT FEB 16TH AHH!!)
Taking an afternoon stroll through Knightsbridge, but little did you know that the whole place is actually balanced on top of a bridge made of knights! You can sign up to be a bridge holding knight too if you’d like, I’ll come join you- sounds like a blast
Had so much fun at Pixar!! THANKS @disney #coco
The world is turning blue. There’s no saving it, everything will be blue by sunset tomorrow. You can see outside the window how my hometown has now also turned blue. So I thought I’d have one last normal coloured coffee before all coffee is also blue ... (everything will be exactly the same just blue so I guess it’s not that bad)
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