I like your boots.

I will be at @NickelodeonUK ’s #SlimeFestUK on Monday 22nd October! And also taking part in some backstage content ooOo- this will air on Nick on November 2nd at 6pm! #ad
Staring into direct sunlight is good for you and doesn’t hurt!!’¡!1!*
My jumper actually developed its own consciousness and tried dragging me to the underworld while this photo was being taken. Cute pic tho x
Black and Grey. As colourful as my personality xoxo
Tell me how I managed to run myself over because I really don’t know
Why so serious.
Filming the pilot for a very exciting bbc project🤞🏼 First cast photo!
I stuff my duvet with clouds to make it fluffy ☁️
Is the dress blue and black or white and gold I can’t tell 🤷🏼‍♀️
Oh crap, the Grim Reaper’s on my back💀
Sweetener is out and I LOVE IT. Just saw the new purge film and I LOVE IT. Got some cookie dough ice cream in my freezer and I LOVE IT. Life’s good
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