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Wet, warm, and salty air filled my grateful desert lungs over the weekend. I headed to Lovers Key for a quick tropical getaway ($150 round trip from SLC to Ft. Myers via Frontier Airlines). Thinking about this photo, I wondered what low lying Lovers Key might look like in the future. The Army Corps of Engineers expect a 2 foot sea level rise in the area by 2060 as a median projection. Florida has already acknowledged sea level rise and is currently preparing for more rising tides.
Mt. Rainier, Washington. has a new review up for the Feathered Friends Eos Down Jacket made in Seattle, WA, USA. My friend Mark @lakemonster2 (shown with his dog Murray) wrote the review after wearing it for 6 months and after summiting Mt. Rainier with the Eos keeping him warm on the dark alpine start. Photo cred to Mark and his wife Annie @snowtorch.
Last light before the final rappels into the night. . . This shot's of Sarah just before nightfall from last week's adventures.
Hope everyone's getting a solid taste of winter, one of my favorite times to revel in Big Mama Earth. . . It's been dumping the goods over my home mountains, about 3 ft of snow from the latest storm system. Mountains are so much better with snow. Although it's not quite so clear and sunny here (this photo's from Lake Louise on my Canada trip last winter), I like it so I'll post it.
This seriously must be one of the nicest things an IG follower has ever done. @hillbilysquirl handmade this beanie for me from his own alpacas' wool! It doesn't get more local, sustainable, and friendly American than that. Thank you Julian!
Grateful to have this sacred dirt and air running through our bones. As you may know, the pilgrim and indian Thanksgiving dinner story was a myth created to unite a bitterly divided nation after our civil war. May we again understand the importance of our shared humanity and the folly of divisive fear. I won't be posting on Thanksgiving day as I'll be spending each moment with cherished family and friends.
Fun and fresh desert air? Yep. Crowds and pollution? Nope. Shown are my Sterling Evolution Velocity rope @sterlingrope and Cilogear 34L custom backpack @cilogear_official , both made in the USA. If you're interested in more great American made climbing gear then check out the climbing gear page on
Zion, heaven on Earth. When there's still no snow to ski, head South.
Spawning colors.
Cooper loves the water. If Cooper could, he'd sing "I'm On a Boat"... like a boss.
May that the fall of our brothers and sisters not make us bitter and hard but compassionate and grateful towards the living and the dead. #VeteransDay
I wish fall colors lasted all year... but if moments weren't fleeting then they wouldn't feel special. This one's from October.
Coming out of the peaceful woods, into the political mess to vote. #MoreUnitesUsThanDividesUs
Nightfall over the La Sals.
One can have too much of many things but not too much of Moab, not too much of red rock and clear blue desert sky.
Hallelujah, ski season's on its way. Hopefully El NiƱo dumps snow this year. This shot's from the San Juans near Silverton, CO.
Extraordinary rock, extraordinary river. I've had a blast fishing New Mexico's San Juan. It lives up to the hype and may just edge out my local Green River for plentiful trout whales.
Gone fishin'.
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