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Stepping out tonight? What are you stepping into? Better think twice with those soft and scuffed up sneaks. Starting tomorrow you can grab a fresh pair of these Blacksmith #3345 from our shop. Oh, it’s our 1 year anniversary so we might be willing to send you a promo code if you DM us. Or stop into our shop for a free whiskey taste this weekend. 🥃 #AmericanReserve #anniversary 📸: @yonagrinberg
New post up on site!!! Located on the waistband above the right back pocket, the iconic Two Horses leather patch was first introduced by @Levis Strauss & Co.® in 1886 to symbolize the pull-strength of their hard-working, riveted work trousers. Today, it’s used to identify style and sizing information and is no longer made of leather. During the 1950’s, with @leejeans , @leecooper1908 , @wrangler , and others gaining popularity, the leather patch was swapped out for less expensive, but still durable jacron paper. The label is mostly produced in a standard size and dimensions with 501s having the extra flag on the right side. Be on the look out for smaller reproductions or ones that seam to have an odd shape. Read more in our latest blog through the link in bio. ☝️ #AmericanReserve #fakespotting
New post is up!! Every pair of @levis should have 6 rivets on the front of the jeans: four around the right hand pocket and two on the left. These metal fasteners are used to attach and reinforce areas of strain. In fact, it was the addition of copper rivets to points of stress, particularly the pocket stitching and the base of the button fly, about which Jacob W. Davis first wrote to Levi Strauss in 1872. The patent that was later awarded in 1873 was for their riveted trousers, not denim blue jeans in general. There shouldn’t be any rivets on back pockets or near the crotch. The back rivets were replaced by bartacks (extra stitching) in the 1940s to cut metal usage in support of the war effort. The crotch rivet was removed early on as it could become heated around the dinner fire and cause some serious discomfort. Read more through the link in bio.☝️ #AmericanReserve #levisstrauss
New post up!! We deal in denim every day. And like many enthusiasts, @levis holds a special place of reverence in our hearts. Sure, for over a century, they’ve represent freedom, rebellion, and style. But for most of us they’ve always been a durable, hardworking, and honest name brand at a price point that we could reach. Levi’s commitment to the working class (and our matching bank accounts!) allows us to own a piece of history and to claim direct connection to Dean, Brando, and the Boss... Read more from our latest blog post on the website. Link in bio. #AmericanReserve #MarlonBrando
New in the Shop: 12oz Oil-Tinted Traveler Jean by @cmbdenim. This limited run, slim straight jean is born from the mindset that every journey has secret destinations and that each traveler must have the courage and discipline to watch their own story unfold. We have 5 pairs from original run of 30 which are numbered on the signature leather brand patch. The Oil-Tinted @conedenim red line selvedge denim will fade beautifully, get super soft and comfortable with wear, and break perfectly over your travel sneaks or high polish night-steppers. Some live cautious, CMBD lives denim. Now you can too. #AmericanReserve #madewithpurpose 📸: @_charlesmiller
Looking for a hard working shoe with style to match? The @redwingheritage Blacksmith #3345 is proudly Made in USA, built using proprietary Black Prairie leather and the cushioned durability of a @vibrant 430 mini-lug outsole. This 6-incher is tough against the snow in the winter, dirt in the summer and is comfortable for long hours of wear. Versatile and reliable, the Blacksmith stands tall in the office or workshop during the afternoon and turns heads in the evening. #AmericanReserve #redwingboots
The classic fit, 12 oz. natural denim chino from @FreenoteCloth is a unique take on a classic work trouser. Crafted in California from vintage washed, brown-flecked ecru Japanese selvedge denim from Kuroki Mill in Ibara City, Okayama and highlighted by custom metal trims sourced in Kentucky and a hand-selected @RedWingHeritage Oro Legacy leather patch from Minnesota. Some guys wear these slacks, others simply hope to fill them. #AmericanReserve #madewithpurpose 📸: @outlinedcloth
One of the most powerful, and most important things you can do as an American is to vote. It’s not a privilege, but a right and a responsibility. Not matter how you lean, or what you want for our country, you should participate in the process. Get out there and vote!! 🗳 #AmericanReserve #electionday
Mixed with cottons from various regions around the globe, the right hand twill (RHT) of the BDD-006 slim fit from @BenzakDenimDevelopers boasts 16 oz. Japanese selvedge from Collect Mills in Kojima. The Heavy Slub denim has a strong staple and is sanforized for only minor shrinkage after the first wash. The irregular and open structure, slubby yarns of this heavyweight will develop a distinct high-low contrast fade and ultra-comfort after wear, wash, and time. Finely-crafted, heavy chambray and fully-lined back pockets are complemented by hidden rivets, a 6th pocket, and an embossed natural tan leather patch. Worn here by @dyeandfade and accented with a well crafted belt by @pigeontreecrafting. #AmericanReserve #slubdenim
Point and shoot. Autumn afternoons are always full of warm tones and the most interesting light. #AmericanReserve #autumn 🍁 📸: @seteales
Penultimate. (adjective) the last but one in a series of things; second to the last. You don’t get a prize for second (to last) place, November. And you’re not making a better case for yourself with all this rain either... #AmericanReserve #novemberrain 📸: @plqmr
Originally crafted in 1830 in the hills of central Pennsylvania, John Rich’s small-batch woolen fabrics, socks, and blankets laid the foundation for an American love affair. Along hunting and trapping routes, in lumber yards, farms, and country homesteads, the iconic @woolrich Buffalo Check flannel grew in popularity for its warmth and comfort. Both sides of the American Civil War donned Woolrich® to keep morale high and soldiers shielded from the elements. And later, when Admiral Byrd outfitted his Antarctic Service Expedition in 1939, he insisted that his men wear Woolrich® Today you’ll find that same Buffalo Check pattern still a favorite of adventure seekers of all types and the preferred dress of outdoor industry and stylish street casual. #AmericanReserve #heritagebrand
The buttonfly, the opening on the front rise of a pair of jeans, like these @levis 501s, that fastens with buttons below the waistband was, at one point, the only way to climb into and out of your denim. Sturdy stud buttons made of two parts: a short nail pressed through the fabric, and the visible head made of copper, brass, aluminum, or stainless steel are less likely than a zip fly to break, catch, or come undone. This traditional and dependable feature predates the advent of the zipper and, while they can create more bulk, they create interesting fade patterns on the front rise. The cheaper zip fly is linked to the advent of the denim sadforization as fabric stabilization is essential to zipper performance as the length cannot adapt with shrinkage. Go old school my friend and stay buttoned up. #AmericanReserve #buttonedup
This is how denim does Halloween. 🎃 What’s your costume this year? #AmericanReserve #zombie
Redline refers to the contrast thread in the clean edge of selvedge denim. Early denim produced for @levis by @conedenim was easily recognized by this iconic feature. Still used by many brands, like these brown cast by @originalzippo , redline selvedge is still a considered well-made denim. #AmericanReserve #redlineselvedge 📸: @tl.sorenson
The Jepson Shirt in Blue Check from Freenote Cloth is a unique double-breasted plaid and is woven from a super soft, loose weave Japanese cotton offers gritty style for quiet confidence amongst the cautious crowd. Great pre-game capture by @dyeandfade. Thank you so much for your belief in our shop. #AmericanReserve #blueplaidbluejeans
It’s #selevdgesunday and we owe a shout out to all of our great clients, like E.C., who believe in our shop. You allow us to co tour to do what we love. And we love getting premium gear into your hands. Have a great one!! #americanreserve #selvedgedenim #madeincalifornia 📸: @im_ej
Just kicking it here at the shop with our new, custom tree scarf from local creative @shannoncreates_. If you’re in the hood and spot our swag, stop in! Thanks for the love Shan! #AmericanReserve #creatives
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