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I was looking through my feed & came across these sooo here they are, AGAIN. An Unforgettable night (The exception being Wafi), he had a little trouble remembering anything.
My friend @jakoboffline came to me with an idea as a joke. As a creative it was my job to make it happen & these are the results.
It is I, I’d like to just take a second to thank everyone I’ve worked with the past couple of weeks. The amount of drive I’ve been given is out of one’s mind and it continues to grow. I’ve been working away at almost 50GB of photos, editing slowly and I’m very excited to be sharing them within the upcoming weeks. But for now here’s just a photo of myself by @belalmobarak
I don’t actually remember his name but he was trying to sign to me. I shook my head, he then pulled this card out of his back pocket. He asked me for directions & when we parted ways he handed me the card; showing me he had a bunch in his back pocket. ( He actually asked me if I could take his portrait BEFORE I could ask him )
Prisoners of the corps
Post more from NYFW?
Times Square is only REALLY Times Square when it’s night
Do you pour milk before or after the cereal?
Little red
The tribute lights were supposed to be behind the bridge BUT the fog was super heavy. You can see some glow coming from behind the buildings tho!
One of my favorite looks of the @maarkah show designed by @anniecoutureofficial @annaalexg #NYFW
More of #NYFW to come
W125 St.
Last of the summer sunsets
Early mornings
Ronnie was raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where he developed his love for birds and parks. He was laid off at age 65 and since then has found peace and joy in feeding these birds. One thing Ronnie told me during our short lived conversation was “ You’ve got a lot of life ahead of you, live it to the fullest. Do as much as you can while you’re still physically capable.”
Sea of art
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