Amy Mann-Gignac

Love Bicycles• running • my Airedales•yoga and good coffee. Commitment to ambitions!!! Laughter is key!

Change is slow ... be the change you what to see!!! Be beautiful, be graceful, be honest and most important... BE YOU!!Join me@jenstar_movement_studio tomorrow 12:10 YIN YOGA and /or Wednesday evening at 5pm for beginner yoga #tryeverythingonce #loveyoga
Trick or Treat... I got my treat today!! My espresso machine came ☕️ Notice I’m rocking my pumpkin earrings from @plaidlabstudio 🎃 #illy #trickortreat
Life is Yin-Yang... it’s all about balance, your balance! Join me tomorrow for 45 min of yin yoga .. it will change your perspective🙌🏼12:10pm tomorrow @jenstar_movement_studio #berealwithyourself #truthhurts
What are ya thinking??? #becreative #thinkoutsidethebox 🔆
Check out my earrings!!! 🎃 I 💜them You have to check out my friends stuff @plaidlabstudio ... she is so amazing #coolart #metalsmith
Making changes isn’t always easy.. Join me this week 6 AM Monday or Tuesdays 12:10pm @jenstar_movement_studio #bethebestyou
What? Did you say yin yoga tomorrow - 12:10 pm at @jenstar_movement_studio ??? Come join me 🌟
I SO enjoy my time spent teaching @jenstar_movement_studio #bethebestyou
It may be 90 degrees today, but colder weather is right around the corner. Start planning for a new routine! Join me @jenstar_movement_studio... Monday’s 6am FLOW as always- AND, Tuesdays NEW deep stretch/ yin 45 min noon class 12:10-12:55 #trysomethingnew #yinyoga
Happy 5th Birthday to my Fur Boy Ryder! #rydergignac #letitsnow This was the first year I had him, he was just a BIG puppy with bear paws 💕 Now this 80# fur ball is the biggest baby in my life.. he brings me so much joy and unconditionally love ❤️ I can’t imagine life without him!!! #airedaleterrier
STARTING TOMORROW - New Tuesday Lunch Time class added to the fall schedule @jenstar_movement_studio DEEP STRETCH/YIN 12:10-12:55pm 🙌🏼
She’s in love with her new round bone 💕 #frankiegignac #airedale
Typical Frankie 💕 she treats these angry bird stuffed animals-like they are her babies #shesalover #frankiegignac 🐾
We walk to @luna_coffee every morning in the summer ❤️ #lovesummer WE LOVE LUNA!!! #airedales
What a great week!!! #lovemyjob ❤️ #lululemon 🧘🏼‍♀️
Just catching a cool breeze! This dude LIVES in front of the fan 💕 cracks me right up 🤣 #rydergignac #lovemypups
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