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There’s a plethora of women that have inspired me and help me push myself to do better but I have to give a very special spotlight to my big sister. Maya, literally from as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to emulate some part of you in myself and I still do. You continue to amaze me with your creativity and spirit as well as your style. You’re incredibly strong and seeing how you’re growing into the woman you’re meant to be has been incredibly inspirational to me as I go through the same journey. We’re remarkably different but I wanted us to be the same when I was young. But you helped me see my differences in the best light and I’m grateful as I try my best to do the same for other young women. Happy #internationalwomensday Maya
My collection is looking better and better everyday! Thank you @meccascrystals for my two new beautiful additions to my little family! When I touched them for the first time I could feel the waves of energy just radiating off them. I could feel an instant positive reaction on my body and I knew they would find a great home here 🙏🏽
Flash Back Friday from my 13th birthday in NY. It was such a unique experience, I had such a great time! #fbf 📷: @jacksonxjoshua
Yo please go check out @iamkjaymusic new EP, Got It!! It’s so good, mad dope! You can stream it on Apple Music or Spotify. This kid’s gonna go far so you might as well hop on the train now #Kjewel 💎
Get Money Boys™️
Let's follow our hearts and just be happy. I'm tired of limiting myself for the comfortability of others.
“I am The Immortal Iron Fist, protector of K’un-Lun & sworn enemy of The Hand” #ironfist
I’m way late to the game but here I am
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So excited to see some great Atlanta blood tonight by the name of @realericnam
Yesterday at the docks #boatculture #chitown #missmydojo
I'm crazy late but Happy Father's Day to the man that has taught me so so so much. From business training, to family recipes, to life and so much more. You're a fantastic leader and the way you live with such poise and sophistication yet somehow make everybody feel at home with your crazy jokes is something I aspire to be. Thank you for raising me the way you have. I am very grateful for you and I love you dad! @mesredzone you the real MVP!!
I look crazy but mom looks cute so here ya go #tbt
Me, Dad, and Maya, the greatest comedy trio #tbt
O Maya #tbt
#tbt me and my brothers. I actually had bone straight hair until I was 3 then one day...✨CURLS✨
Shoutout to my brother from another planet👽 @colewhittle #nationalsiblingday
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