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Had such a great time working for some awesome people over the last few months!! Unfortunately my lens broke during our first shoot... We went through with a reshoot and managed to capture many more great images this last weekend at the Schwabe Pumpkin Patch! Thanks for the opportunity guys and a thanks out to @schwabe_pumpkins for allowing us to take pictures and for the great produce I purchased! 👍 __________________________ © Andrewfm_ - 👤 Featuring: @caitlin.eames @j_roberts64
Random shoot out with @seth.klass and @kat_3315 __________________________ © Andrewfm_ - 👤 Featuring: @kat_3315
Fall Blues and Blue Hues __________________________ © AndrewfmPortraits - 👤 Featuring: @kat_3315
Had a great time shooting with my sister tonight in St. Andrews. Life has been hectic the last few months and I haven't been able to get out as often to shoot. I'm slowly easing my way back into it though! Really looking forward to it 😊 __________________________ © AndrewfmPortraits - 👤 Featuring: @kat_3315
The best thing about life is not knowing.
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Had such a great time shooting with this love up in Winnipeg Beach the other day! We didn't think we'd catch a sunset due to the passing storm but we caught it and the shots we got were great!! Looking forward to working with you again in the near future @jessburzuik
@tiana.maxine 📷 - My apologies for being so inactive lately. I'm working on getting back out, but I've really been questioning my work lately and where I'm looking to take it. Bear with me
@tiana.maxine ☀🌊
Had an awesome time shooting with this love @tiana.maxine
- Had a mini shoot with my sister @alyshiaschwengel and my nephew today. It was my first time ever working with a infant, it was a bit challenging, but the images turned out great! Watch for them in the upcoming days! __________________________ © AndrewfmPortraits - 👤 Featuring: Allison F.
Discovering New Locations! - I've only ever taken pictures in the city once before this shoot (📍 The Forks) Do you guys have any other great locations I should check out in Winnipeg? __________________________ © AndrewfmPortraits - 👤 Featuring: Allison F.
Stop setting things on fire Beth! 😂🔥 __________________________ © Andrewfm_ - 👤 Featuring: @elizabeth_cumming
Can't get over how much my photography has improved since day one! So happy to have been able to capture this golden hour moment with @_caitttlyn 😄 __________________________ © Andrewfm_ - 👤 Featuring: @_caitttlyn
Within the forest. 🌲 ▪️ I still am baffled to be able to say this is mine 🔥 __________________________ © Andrewfm_ - 👤 Featuring: @_caitttlyn