Lphs, Varsity wrestler, fisherman, youtuber, & worker@Lee 's bait n tackle...letting my passion guide my life🙏..part owner of @crankgangfishing

Life is smile more!😁
Coming home to see this beautiful woman brightens my day without a doubt I love you mom😘😍❤️
Started from the bottom now we here? More stuff on the way, my mother is ready to kick me out the house pretty soon🤣
BIGGEST FAIL FOR ME 2018 Dropped my $300 reel on some rocks while setting the hook on a fish😭😂memories @carlosreds4 @mkryczka11 @lane_froese
Why do I love carp fishing??? Just hear that bite alarm 🤤 @crankgangfishing @officialnashtackle Thank you Nash for the siren s5🙏
@its_mr_shortie Just trying to help out and give back to the community.🙏❤️
I just want to take the time to acknowledge this great thanksgiving break. I got to spend time with my family and loved ones and honestly I had an amazing time with this group of friends that I prefer not to call friends😅. Never had I ever spent a night full of laughter, to the point where I could barely breathe😂. The thing about this group to is we don’t need drugs or anything like that, all we need is each other🤗. Live life in the moment and enjoy how complete goof balls we are😂. Can’t wait for winter break to come and do secret Santa with these people to😂. It’ll be another great memory made with these people. I also didn’t get to really say what I was grateful for this too, and what I’m grateful in this life is meeting new people, through friendships and fishing. It’s absolutely incredible and amazing how many close friends I have all throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, and Florida. I am truly grateful and blessed for having you all in my life🤗#family @im__ramos @its_mr_shortie @ariana.zulca @dan_72_fisk @cristiand141 @brandonz_13 @loganleclaire
Last night was a fun night With great friends🙏😌❤️ 🐀🦡🐼🦄🐱
@castcrew DROPPING NEW 🔥🔥🔥MERCH!!!! SALE STARTS THURSDAY-MONDAY !!! REP THE 312✊🙏❤️ My bois🙏❤️
Lately life’s been tough for me. My mother could see it and even my siblings, but today was different. I’m pouring my heart out into this. The fact that hearing my mom hear he say how she has a big relief off her shoulders seeing me come home for once happy and seeing that beautiful smile of hers makes me wanna break down and cry in joy. Mom I know life is going to get tough and I’m growing up so fast, and I know you hate seeing your little baby boy grow up so fast but I’m going to make this statement here right now, and a promise as well. No matter where I am, who I’m dating, or whatever the fuck I’m doing. You will never EVER leave my mind not my heart. I’m not sure if you truly know how much you mean to me. The goals I have when I get older for you are going to bring you into tears of joy. My mom I love you and love hearing you smile and laugh, that’s a blessing. I love you so much to the point where I’m willing to take a bullet for you, no questions asked. I’m making major changes to the life I’m living in ways you know I don’t feel comfortable with, but I’m doing this for you mom. My love for you is unconditionally. And always remember this, no matter how old I get, now matter how fucking hard headed I am and naive I am. I will always be your baby boy. I’m going to provide you with things that you never imagined of, I love you mom.❤️
Happy Halloween, from me and my good friend Velma 🤟😌👻🎃
Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.😌
This is my passion🙏❤️
Unconditional love towards this beautiful woman 😘❤️
Who’s man’s?👀
A weirdo is someone who follows their heart. I’m definitely weird, ain’t nothing wrong with that!
Never regret something because at one point everything you did was exactly what you wanted to do and sometimes that’s the hardest thing to realize
I'm somethin' different in all aspects
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