Lphs, Varsity wrestler, fisherman, youtuber, & worker@Lee 's bait n tackle...letting my passion guide my life🙏...part owner of @crankgangfishing

3 weeks till my first carp tournament 😬I gotta get back in the carp grind👀
Yea.... so after the first day of school I HAD TO FISH🤷‍♂️🤣🎣🙏❤️💯
Fun night before school starts tomorrow, not looking forward to school but it’s senior year and I basically choose all the classes I wanted, so it’s all good😀I want to wish all my fellow classmates a great first day back to school tomorrow and enjoy our last year of high school!!!!🙏❤️
Sleepin' at the top, nightmares of the bottom
Can you believe this sign?????? Yea.... I’m the reason why they put that sign up 🤷‍♂️GREAT MORNING WITH THE BOIS @mkryczka11 @carlosreds4 @lane_froese
For those who may not know, there are times where I want to give up on everything. But I don’t I keep pushing forward, I look at my channel and see the likes and positive comments I get from some of my subs and tho it ain’t much at the moment. Your positive comments keep me going, along with some amazing people who I’m blessed to have in life. It’s the small things that make a big difference. I want to let everybody know who supports me in any way or form. Thank you, I appreciate you so much!!! Sincerely from the bottom of my heart 💕that being said, NEW VIDEO COMING NEXT WEEK BACK ON MY GRIND😝
I know I don’t say it that much to you in person but honest to god my mother will be the only woman that will have my heart. Few years ago I was completely stupid doing some stuff that I’m not proud of, I put you throw so much pain and crap but yet your still with me. I love you mom, I know I don’t show my affection and deep feelings I have towards you. But deep down within me your my entire world. I know I get to caught up with my life and fishing but I appreciate you so much. You never gave up on me, you gave up your teenage years to just raise me right. You’ve kept me when others told you to give me up for adoption. I will deny it around friends but shit im a mommas boy and I can give a fuck what anybody thinks about it. I just hope for one day to become the successful young man that I strive for and to give you things that you’ve never imagined of having one day. I love you mom❤️ (ps it’s not her birthday old snap)
No loosing just learning 🎣
Had to switch my flow up😝🎣💯
Carp session with the @crankgangfishing 🎣nothing crazy but felt good to be fishing with my bros🤙💯#illinois #commoncarpfishing #commoncarp #fishing
I dropped a new video last night!!! LINK IS IN MY BIO🤙🎣💯❤️SHOW SOME LOVE AND FOLLOW @crankgangfishing @fishingaddiction555 @czfishing_ @angelr0072
You know when I first met this kid I honestly did not expect him to sit there and teach me a new type of fishing. @fishingaddiction555 easily, no doubt on my mind, has became one of my best friends ever. He’s honestly the best dude ever, and I felt as if he deserved the post rather than putting on my story. I wish you a happy birthday dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!cant wait to see and fish with u again soon bud 🤙🎣😉🙌💯🔥
sometimes we don't get to value family And shit as much as we should We too worried about materialistic things and all that bullshit There's only one thing you need to give a fuck about And that's family man❤️💯
Great night turned into an E/R trip😅I’m all good tho😌shout to my bro Nate, stayed with me till 1am at the hospital. He’s not a friend he’s family ❤️💯
If I could be something in someone’s life I would be their Guardian angel
Last night was a great night, spent some time with my dad making him slowly go back to the man I once knew and looked up to. Fishing with my boss and some friends was fun, but the best part was telling my dad how the best memories I had with him were when I was younger and I would wake up 5 am and get ready to go fishing with him instead of school❤️and that I share a bound with him that I see no other father has with their kids today. I told him that and I think it made him happy last night🙂
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