Anna Seavey

saved by grace, through faith @boxofth0ughts 📍currently in: Los Angeles, CA 💌:

lazy mondays
remember me, I’m the one who loves you🖤
spent the weekend exploring Carlsbad and found a cute little cafe to sketch in ((:
I went to this vintage/thrift store yesterday and everything I bought/tried on was either beige or white haha
“All you need is ba ba ba dah🎶” wearing one of my graphic tee designs, COMING SOON to @izzybeclothing I hope you guys luvvv these shirts 🌻
pro tip: if you want your sweater to be cropped, just wear a sports bra and tuck your sweater into the bottom of it
my knees all bruised but atleast I’ve got cute shoes my shoes are from @boohoo for those who were asking✨💫
morning ☁️✨
sometimes I plan outfits for my Italian summer trip that’s not actually a’s normal
you may have already seen a very similar post of this outfit before but hey the more the merrier
I just redid some things in my bathroom and I’m in love☁️✨
always a pleasure shooting with my dear friend @momentsbymolls 💛 wearing @shoptobi #shoptobi
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