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SNL writer, comedian, dog.

A sweet and terrible boy. So proud of him. #Repost @beckbennett ・・・ Jules is a guy who sees things differently. Thanks @colinjost and @annadrezen for writing this with me, and SNL wardrobe & hair for your incredible work. Link in Bio. 📷 by @willheathphoto
The 3 stages of holding Lady Bird
Desert island, you can only take 3 things
Tell me this isn’t intelligent design
Good morning, mother
This is the only thing I’m ever thinking about #Repost @healingwhiskers ・・・ Thank you everyone who came out today for our Reading Rats session! Vincent heard so many wonderful stories and can't wait to continue reading them with you! Be sure to mark your calendars for our next library visit on the 7th:
When u discover there will be guests
Wasn’t sure if u understood what I’m dealing with over here, hope this clears things up
When Zappos gets real
✨Who is she?✨
Finally combining my passions of political satire and fail vids. #Repost @fayedunaway ・・・ Helped make a thing about the White House press intern with queer-canonized geniuses @annadrezen and @cecilystrong. Truly wow Cecily is one of our GOATs, people!!!
My dog being fooled by Halloween/have never seen her get her hackles up like this
My dog and an unclaimed tree
Do you realize? / That I have the most beautiful best frond?
Tbt with my sister and my niece and my daughter
Letting my butt watch the game!! Haha ! #gododgers
Tonight #philly #delphis #pennsylnaivav !! #Repost @goodgoodcomedy ・・・ This is free advice!! Tonight 8:30 & 10 bitch I better see you there.
PHILADEDLPEHIA!! Have you heard? I’m doing 2 INCREDIBLE shows tmrw night at @goodgoodcomedy at 8:30 and 10. Get tix! As children say, link in bio. @jesthekid gonna do some jokes too, can you believe? Also I cannot stop watching “Before the 90 Days” so maybe that will be all I talk about, who knows!!
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