Anna Drezen

SNL writer/dog

As long as I live I will never be able to scrub this horrific image from my mind
Watch this once n ur like “neat,” watch this 2-3 times and you’ll see that it’s a truly mindblowing showcase of what the insanely skilled women behind the scenes at SNL do so seamlessly and invisibly all the time. There’s like 6 of them and they don’t talk and it takes them 36 seconds to turn a person into a completely different person while he is talking. It’s witchcraft and I don’t condone it!!!! 💖 @jodimancusohairdesign (also men are talented too don’t forget about the men) #Repost @jodimancusohairdesign with @get_repost ・・・ When you have to do a quick change live and they change what you practiced 1 minute before live! Got to love a an extra challenge! @nbcsnl @ktbeatty #snlhair #snl43 #billhader #liveaf !
My mom and I have such a cute text rapport for two people who used to get in whisper-scream fights in J.C. Penney
My dog and I don’t really relate because she’s always been hot
Google is fucking useless
Makeup remover lol
So glad they finally installed lil hell portals!!! Thank u mta lol!!
I am greatly blessed! @maeveinamerica ’s mom’s friend knit Lady Bird a ladybug sweater to her exact measurements for no reason other than she wanted to make one for her. Look how gorg!!! Extreme Phantom Thread vibes!!!! 💖🇮🇪👗
When you absolutely are good at/know how to walk
I woke up like this
I’m actually an incredible foster for dogs I’m an expert and my dog is welcoming to new dogs and the system works
When ur Aunt Fran a kook and a half!!! . .@frangillespie
Serving Andrew Wyeth / David Hasselhoff drunk floor cheeseburger video
TFW ur girl park next to a forest of knives
Hire me @madewell 💦👖#modelsofIG oh and fuck you trump!!!
Hunt, but make it fashion
Jk this my valentine and as u can see she my perfect baby
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