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SNL writer/dog

Choreo!!! #dieglinweds
KIM!!!!!!! Come on!!! Ay ay ay #dieglinweds
If ur not following @caktusclan I can’t help you. . #Repost @caktusclan with @get_repost ・・・ New York, N.Y. - After completing his five year cooperative business degree, Alan Boob found his career path of becoming a business development manager was not as satisfying as he anticipated. In an attempt to connect with his true self, Boob reflected on his values as a child. “I truly believe that going back to my roots is the answer. Nothing made me more excited than my big, red, firetruck. Fuck it. I’m going to be a firetruck.” #funny #lol #lmao #hilarious #humor #jokes #fun #nochill #laugh #follow #lmfao #meme #instagood #memes #followme #haha #vegancooking #healthycooking #satire #theonion #canadiancomedy #veganfood #vegan #vegetarian #wtf #hilarious #newfoundland #newfoundlandcomedy
Yes. #Repost @luceluchik with @get_repost ・・・ Я вас очень люблю Маман и Па, но может вы поставите меня на место, где взяли? Я на это не подписывался 🤨👀
Episode 1204: Lady Bird Has Plans
My face when everything fine
When u see ur friend and u absolutely have to eat her right now, followed by suspicion, followed by music.
My dog and I don’t fully relate because she’s always been hot
Verily the sidewalks sing my song
The world’s tiniest leafs
The show is called “Holding On for Dear Wife” and it’s about a Trump voter who marries a dog for tax purposes
Daddy mad!!!!!!!
It’s our show call “The Dog Couch”
Reposting this pic from the last day I was alive before these two gorgeous angels cut me up and ate me
She help
I'm feelin' electric tonight Cruisin' down the coast, goin' about 99 Got my bad baby by my heavenly side I know if I go, I'll die happy tonight Oh my God, I feel it in the air Telephone wires above Are sizzlin' like a snare Honey I'm on fire, I feel it everywhere Nothin' scares me anymore . 📸: @imdrewanderson
When u r strong
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