Anna Drezen

SNL writer, comedian, dog. DENVER 9/13-9/15 & LAS VEGAS 9/21-9/23.

Piece of craps!!!!
I love Music it’s my passion
When ur having a phase and u know what u want
The family that applies SPF 50 together, stays sun-safe together
💕The absolute babies!! ✨ #Repost @kristenrbartlett with @get_repost ・・・ All the Emmy girls (+J)
Got to go to Hollywood Camp with my best frends
These are pictures of my dog. She loves award shows when they’re carefully regulated by unions, she loves airport pet patios, and she *loves* big empty hotel conference floors.
When the mocktail hit
Too low self esteem to jostle for a spot in front of the actual sign!!!
Perfect summer babies
My impro troupe
Happy National Dog Day! My two puppas meet each other and they like them. ❤️
Board meeting
This was my college audition monologue (contemporary)
What is this? Pig pillow? Face loaf? Getting worried
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