Anna Faris

Does this picture make me look like a dude? 👀

I’m completely unaffected by Hollywood as well. New @unqualified up now!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GO SEE MY MOVIE - I don’t know how to move my face. @overboardmovie
My press day!!!!
My Academy Award winning mom is teaching me how to dance like a cool person
I have been surrounded and lifted up (literally) by strong, inspiring women my entire life. I celebrate them always but appreciate them a little more today. I also appreciate the teeny tiny track suit my mother dressed me in. #InternationalWomensDay
My two new amazing girlfriends!! They smell good. New @unqualified ! Link in bio.
Allison won!!! And I got to hold it!!!! It’s heavy as shit!!!
Give it up to my older brother-Professor Faris’s basketball team. They lost my mother as a fan when my brother got a strawberry tattoo on his bicep. #tbt
I’m so excited about my new movie! Go see my boobs live and in person. And I love you. 4.13.18
My brilliant son is already podcasting - and there’s my dad. Support GAPPS. Link in bio!
Hi dear ones! Please oh please check out the trailer for my new movie and please don’t tell me if you don’t like it
10 bucks can get you some awesome things. But probably the awesomest is the chance to win an all expense paid trip to hang with me in LA and help record a podcast. AND you're supporting an amazing charity too. See? Told you it was awesome. Click the link in my bio to enter!
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