Anna Olsson

Simple. Handmade. Elegance Creating timeless pieces we hope you will cherish and pass down for generations to come.

Channeling her inner Babe! She has a fiery heart and a resilient mind. She is forever evolving! WHO IS YOUR INNER BABE? Our frill blouse available with your support 👍 #annaolssonstudio
There’s a whole world to explore baby ✨
Sailing attire! Because a girl always looks her best ⚓️
When a girl wants to look her best, she must carry the perfect accessory! #annaolssonstudio
Here’s to a beautiful weekend ✨ Alba rocking our new jumpsuit
Tonight’s #mood
My daughter and I love playing dress up! I love it When I get to design extravagant pieces. Alba thinks this collar makes her feel like a queen 👸🏻 Win win ✨
Rockin it 🤩 Add a little glamour with this all black hide pouch! #wheninsydney
The sweetest Enoha dress on our wildflower ✨
A night in with a good pampering! Filled my darling hide make up bag with some new goodies today 🤩 Love buying new make up, it doesn’t happen very often but I’ve been addicted to new shades of lipstick lately ✨ What’s your favourite shade? From what brand? I’ll share mine if you tell me yours😝
Friday 💃 Alba shining in our gorgeous grill blouse! Love this piece? Like for production ✂️
Looking forward to the weekend with this munchkin
Handmade with love 💕
Beautiful gifts ✨
Hi everyone Anna here Designer, Maker and president of shipping @annaolssonstudio ! This is Alba our muse and model! Schools out for the next 2 weeks and this Mum had not one but TWO glasses of wine tonight 🙊
Couldn’t get much better! The Sadie dress available online
Can you sense my love of theatre in my designs? I enjoy being part of an ensemble that comes together to create art and bring stories to life in a way that no other art form is able to do. It was in college that I fully realized how I could combine my two passions into one, Fashion after all can be an extension of self or a way to (re)invent yourself.  There’s nothing more exciting to me then the creative process. Crafting a vision to life. Creating a character, a look, a style!
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