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Still tired af. I haven’t got a photographer with me that’s why you only getting tired selfies and weird mirror pics telling u I’m tired. Soz.
‪Wanna see what the inside of my tour bus looks like!? Just @shazam my song 2002 whenever you hear it to unlock the exclusive video! ‬
Playing to a SOLD OUT @metro_theatre tonight in Sydney. Last time I played a show in Sydney was with @rudimentaluk and I dreamt of doing my own show here and ITS HAPPENING TONIGHT! Can’t wait to see all your faces 💚❤️🖤💛🧡
So happy to announce the next single from my album #speakyourmind is gonna be ‘PERFECT’. This is my favourite song to play live and seeing your reactions to it. All I want is for people to feel good about themselves and to know you are not alone in how you feel. I wrote this song about 3 years ago when I was feeling low. I watched loads of inspirational people on YouTube talking about body confidence and loving yourself and this song happened. We are all different and that is beautiful. Accept your ‘flaws’ celebrate your differences. Enjoy the song! 💙💜💗💜💗💙 #perfect
Hi my names Anne-Marie, I had 12 hours sleep last night and now I think I’m funny. #golistentomysong #perfect #jokingnotjoking #mightbecomeacomedian
I’m tired af
I'm coming to Australia & New Zealand next year! Pre-sale tickets are available next Thursday 18th October at 2pm AEDT. Yaaaaaaaassssssssssss 🧡🧡🧡🧡 see you there x
When @ashton.miranda and Kira Kira and the chair mug you off all at the same time
Can’t believe me & @marshmellomusic won best new artist video - international !! #FRIENDS thank you so much @mtvjapan P.s. I love @e_girls_official_ 💗💙💗💙💗💙💗💙💗💙
JAPAN 大好き Thank you so much @mtvjapan for having me perform tonight with the amazing @e_girls_official_ Can’t wait to be back next year in April. Swipe right for info ✨🌸🎀💗
2002 LIVE from Boston!! Missing tour so much already. 💛 watch the full vid on my YouTube channel ✨✨
Can’t believe half my tour is already sold out!! Only a few tickets available for the other dates. Check my website link in bio for tickets 💜
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