Annie - Vegan, Life❤️🌿 - 19

Australia. ✨Just intending to share good vibes and Vegan Love🌿❤️

Such a fun night we had 💕Cheers to completing tri 2 of 2018🎵
Made #vegan #pizza with my amazing friends 💕
#vegan #plants #life #thisisfunnynow 🙈 Anyway, saw this at a mall and had to take a picture hehe.
“Good morning Sunshine Coast☀️“ 😍so grateful for my experiences.
I went to my first concert- with my Dad and I had a wonderful experience ☺️🎉#foreigner #wearesheppard #liveband #concert
“This is so cool!”
I enjoyed everything about getting my face painted today BY @faces_by_ainslie in honour of #unimentalhealthday ❤️🍓 shoutout to
Hey, R U OK? It’s #unimentalhealthday 🌳I was given a kindness card @griffithuniversity along with a tattoo and a beautiful face painting from the #friendlyfolk @faces_by_ainslie To you reading this, keep breathing and remember you’re not alone. Sending kindness, from Annie🌏✨❤️
🌱I made a 10/10 taste and ease pasta dish using TVP (textured vegetable protein) the other day and I think even the picture turned out awesome😍☺️ #cooking #pasta #veganfood #poweredbyplants #veganlove ❤️ #tvp
Happy 21 @phoebewalton4 !❤️🎉 Last night was awesome, I had a great experience. Meeting everyone was great because everyone was so lovely! Literally all night I could hear everyone complimenting one another, helping eachother out, hugging, guys were slapping eachother’s tushes and laughing all the giggles. The good vibes were definitely well circulated✨☺️ Thank you for hosting such fun drinking games @deangenerate 🥂and Shout out to the musician you chose to perform for us all🎶
👚🎶 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 🎶🌱 #friends #veganlove #wallart #goodvibes
I had a great day at the Vegan Ekka ☀️ The food was ahMaYzInG🌱 Thank you so much for your energetic and playful company @faithbri @______bronte & @sam.tully.71 🤗
It has been a while..
I enjoy looking out and thinking about all the textures, colours and materials around while I’m free with my other thoughts about within.. 💭#mindfulness #savethismoment 🚪💕
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