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Australia. ✨Just intending to share good vibes and Vegan Love🌿❤️

I enjoyed everything about getting my face painted today BY @faces_by_ainslie in honour of #unimentalhealthday ❤️🍓 shoutout to
Hey, R U OK? It’s #unimentalhealthday 🌳I was given a kindness card @griffithuniversity along with a tattoo and a beautiful face painting from the #friendlyfolk @faces_by_ainslie To you reading this, keep breathing and remember you’re not alone. Sending kindness, from Annie🌏✨❤️
🌱I made a 10/10 taste and ease pasta dish using TVP (textured vegetable protein) the other day and I think even the picture turned out awesome😍☺️ #cooking #pasta #veganfood #poweredbyplants #veganlove ❤️ #tvp
Happy 21 @phoebewalton4 !❤️🎉 Last night was awesome, I had a great experience. Meeting everyone was great because everyone was so lovely! Literally all night I could hear everyone complimenting one another, helping eachother out, hugging, guys were slapping eachother’s tushes and laughing all the giggles. The good vibes were definitely well circulated✨☺️ Thank you for hosting such fun drinking games @deangenerate 🥂Thank you so much for having us y’all❤️ p.s Shout out to the musician you chose to perform for us all🎶
👚🎶 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 🎶🌱 #friends #veganlove #wallart #goodvibes
I had a great day at the Vegan Ekka ☀️ The food was ahMaYzInG🌱 Thank you so much for your energetic and playful company @faithbri @stop_being_tools (Bronte) & @sam.tully.71 🤗
It has been a while..
I enjoy looking out and thinking about all the textures, colours and materials around while I’m free with my other thoughts about within.. 💭#mindfulness #savethismoment 🚪💕
Thankful for the time I had of 2017, all the good with the bad. Welcoming the time of 2018, the good with the bad all the same✨ Happy new year to you reading this, I hope you get good value from this year we are all fortunate to be dawning on✌🏻❤️🚪💡💰🍎
I love the feelings I have when rediscovering my photo gems in my camera roll😌 #memories #nostalgia + #proudofmyself + #sunset #motherearth 🌏❤️
Congratulations to my big brother Rhys and fiancé Kayler for your engagement🥂 This was a night to remember ✨ I have so much love for you both; your little princess daughter-my niece, Amity, too. You are a lovely trio I’m grateful for❤️ -From Little Sis, Annalyse @rhysdelioglanis @kayler_ree
I truly recommend practicing gratitude daily as a happiness booster, for better self awareness and as a technique to strengthen the relationship we have with ourselves ✨ Daily moments of pure gratitude helps slow the stressful busyness of our western world lives down and brings us to appreciate and highlight what we value in our lives, counteracting the worries we carry of what we don't. Often times, moments of reflective gratitude can help us to see that some things we feel tension by aren't all as bad as we perceive. #firstworldproblems #gratitude #thoughtforyourday ✨ Since his picture has 3x the word "love"; I invite and challenge you to take a moment and think about 3 things you really love having presence in your life. Reflect on those things and see how you've just caused yourself to feel😌❤️ I'll go first. 3 things I love and value in my life and want to highlight on this day: •Veganism •Wesley • My health and wellbeing. -Thriving, being completely functional with all limbs and organs to work and play and achieve my goals. Not being in any current physical pain (apart from those gym aches😂👌🏻). Sitting back and reflecting on these positive things we appreciate for ourselves, can overpower the negativity we feel in our lives and bring us so much happiness and fulfilment we're constantly seeking. I know my message here could be read as "obvious" or "cliche" or "corny🌽", but fam. Fam. I'm serious! We often overlook "obvious or corny" things but daily gratitude should really be as important as is brushing our teeth daily. Myself and many other people strongly feel this simple practice can improve the quality of our lives. As we highlight our valued gratitudes, we make ourselves AWARE of the QUALITY in our lives☺️✨ My intentions of this post or any other for that matter isn't to preach, I just want to spread good vibes and help out my fellow earthlings. We are all on different paths and have vastly different lives but as beings on earth (including animals) we all seek the same thing in life. Happiness. I just want to spread awareness and encouragement that you can create that for yourself and it's not difficult❤️ Daily gratitude. Try it🌏 -Annie.
When you try to pose with 'swag' and look cool but you're just a dork😅
I'm continuously surprising myself with my #photography skills 😍😎 p.s my #time ( haha get it?😜🕑) in #sydney with @fumblepuffness was so much fun, we #explored so much and I'll cherish those memories forever💙
Missing you already 😔💙#longdistancesucks
I'm going to miss Canberra so much 😞 #canberralife #canberrafashion #autumn #canberrawinter #canberraweather #canberratrees ~Especially My Love @fumblepuffness , long distance sucks so much😔
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