but damn my glow is good
What’s up chicken butt
Royal Remington
Slightly different
@cyrus_momcilovic said the caption was gay so now there is no caption
My love, you are worth it all 💘
A while ago👽
What a magical boy he was ❤️
fuck this is too hard, please just come back😔 I just wanted to hold you for a little longer, tell you I loved you once more. I wish I could of given you more pats and scratches on the left side of your face,only because you’d get grumpy if they were on the right side. I wish we could of smashed more competitions together, gone further and learnt more together, but that’s okay it was your time to go, to go up to that special place I call heaven. Thankyou for everything you taught me in such a small space of time. I miss you so so much baby be safe up there, I’ll see you soon 💕 I love you Simply poetic, Oscar ~ 17/11/08 - 15/06/18
4am starts for the rest of my life begin tomorrow 😵
I don’t know why but you remind me of the 🤷‍♀️ emoji
Thinkin bout my next tattoo #help
Love of my life 💕❤️
Thanks @arabellacleo for sending me a bunch of your bikinis!! ⭐️ can’t wait for warmer days when I can wear them more🌞 Head over to their Instagram page - @arabellacleo Website - 💫💕🦋🌻🍀⭐️💘✨🌏🌈✨
Waking up at 3am on ur birthday isn’t fun but this boy makes it worth it ❤️💕 #finally17
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