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@cyrus_momcilovic said the caption was gay so now there is no caption
My love, you are worth it all 💘
A while ago👽
What a magical boy he was ❤️
fuck this is too hard, please just come back😔 I just wanted to hold you for a little longer, tell you I loved you once more. I wish I could of given you more pats and scratches on the left side of your face,only because you’d get grumpy if they were on the right side. I wish we could of smashed more competitions together, gone further and learnt more together, but that’s okay it was your time to go, to go up to that special place I call heaven. Thankyou for everything you taught me in such a small space of time. I miss you so so much baby be safe up there, I’ll see you soon 💕 I love you Simply poetic, Oscar ~ 17/11/08 - 15/06/18
4am starts for the rest of my life begin tomorrow 😵
I don’t know why but you remind me of the 🤷‍♀️ emoji
Thinkin bout my next tattoo #help
Love of my life 💕❤️
Waking up at 3am on ur birthday isn’t fun but this boy makes it worth it ❤️💕 #finally17
Finally decided to post photos from #spphansw state championships in Tamworth 🎉 (yes I broke my arm two days before the Competition so I couldn’t ride with my show jacket on because it didn’t fit, it was also 1000 degrees and the judges allowed us to take them off ) #RoyalRemington came home with 1st novice ridden gelding 7yrs and over, champion novice ridden gelding, state supreme champion ridden novice gelding, state grand champion ridden novice standardbred, 1st best presented gelding 7yrs and under 12, reserve champion best presented gelding and 1st led sppha nsw horse placement gelding 7yrs and over, champion sppha nsw horse placement gelding, state supreme champion led sppha nsw horse placement horse. 📸- @_chris_armstrong_ -📸
Bathurst gold crown harness racing #royalremington #spphansw
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