Anouk / 33 / Art Director @dpdk_digital / Designer / Creator / Rotterdam / The Netherlands / 🎶 / New: @bandjeskijkenmetanouk / portfolio ➡

I want it now, I want you now, I feel my heart implode 🎶 - Muse
I'm waiting for it, that green light, I want it 🎶 - Lorde
Just keep me where the light is 🎶 - John Mayer
Damn you're so hot! 🎶 - Limp Bizkit
Love yourself, touch yourself! 🎶 - WHITE
She's got a smile it seems to me, reminds me of childhood memories 🎶 - Guns N' Roses
Stones taught me to fly. Love taught me to lie. Life taught me to die 🎶 - Damien Rice
You are lost and found 🎶 - Lianne La Havas
Come on now! You knew you were lost 🎶 - Editors
Now I can talk, no one gets off 🎶 - Two Door Cinema Club
Someone hit the light 'cause there's more here to be seen 🎶 - Editors
And now, breathe deep, I'm inhaling.You and I, there's air in between. Leave me be, I'm exhaling. You and I, there's air in between 🎶 - Maggie Rogers
Baby love me lights out, you can turn my lights out 🎶- John Mayer
Niemand weet hoe laat het is, totdat ik weer een afspraak mis 🎶- Bazart
Oh, liever snel naar de hel dan traag naar de hemel 🎶 - Bazart
But wasn't it kind of wonderful, baby 🎶 - Lianne La Havas
Here comes a feeling you thought you'd forgotten 🎶 - Vampire Weekend
So let's love fully. And let's love loud. Let's love now 🎶 - Soko
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