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#anovafoodnerd customer video of the day! @robbach carved up this wicked tender center cut #SousVide #ribeye steak after a 132°F / 55.6°C swim for 90 minutes. After the dip, he gave the steak a thin coat of mayo before searing it on a 600°F griddle and slicing up that sexy sous vide steak.
These steaks call for a mic drop. Dry-Aged Tomahawk monsters from @patlafrieda cooked four hours in the Anova at 129°F / 53.9°C and then blasted at 1,500°F on the @ottowildegrillers. Beefy, aged, perfectly cooked goodness. Swipe through for pics and videos of the process 💪
Let’s. Go. These @patlafrieda dry-aged tomahawk ribeyes are seasoned, bagged, and headed for a 4-hour Sous Vide swim at 129°F / 53.9°C. Gonna finish these in the @ottowildegrillers at 1,500° for a wicked crispy sear💪
Trick to the easiest Eggs Benny ever? Cook the hollandaise and eggs Sous Vide, of course! Check out the full recipe at the link in our bio.
Wanna make Beef Wellington like a boss? It’s happening this week. 👀our IG and FB pages for live demos and recipes 💪💯
Excited to give these bad boys a spin this week! Tomahawk Ribeye steaks from @patlafrieda. We’ve got a Sous Vide swim lined up followed by a 🔥🔥🔥 sear in the @ottowildegrillers. Stay tuned 👀
#anovafoodnerd customer photo of the day! @cheffrankiac getting down with this simply-super #sousvide strip steak. He seasoned the slab up with salt, pepper, and a rosemary sprig before sinking it below the surface at 129.5°F / 54.1°C for 2.5 hours. When the steak was done soaking, he applied a thin coat of mayo (it works nerds. IT WORKS!) and gave it a wicked-hot sear on a cast iron skillet for 1 minute a side before carving up this crisp carnivores dream.
Another great event at the Anova Kitchen! December Desserts was sold out and rocking 💪 Keep in the loop right here as we roll out brand new events in the new year!
Evaporation is for squares. That’s why our new lid is round. Head to the link in our bio to snag yours!
Perfect your prime rib this holiday season 💪🔥 Peep the full recipe at the link in our bio
What’s better than a runny yolk from a Sous Vide egg? ... we can’t think of anything either 167°F / 75°C for 13 minutes. Be great, nerds. Be great.
#anovafoodnerd customer photo of the day! @ian_eats prepared some pristine #sousvide pork tenderloin. He took the tender cut and seasoned it up with garlic, basic, oregano, thyme, and onion powder before dropping it in a 131.5°F / 55.3°C bath for 3 and 1/2 hours. When the pork was done getting perfect, he seared it off in a stainless steel pan for 1 minute before slicing marveling at these magnificent medium-rare medallions.
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