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#anovafoodnerd photo of the day! @dishbeautiful living up to her screen name with this beautiful dish of #sousvide Mexican Street Corn! She smattered these ears up with a spicy blend of cumin, cayenne, garlic, chili powder and onion powder and sank the corn beneath the surface for 1 hour at 181°F / 82.8°C. When the corn was done cooking, she seared in a hot skillet to brown the exterior and then finished with some Cotija cheese and cilantro.
#anovafoodnerd photo of the day! @jbsousvide giving some short ribs a 3-day #sousvide treatment to turn this tough cut wicked tender. After seasoning the shorties up, he dipped them in a 133°F / 56.1°C bath for 72 hours. After the cook was complete, he crisped them up in a hot pan and sat down to enjoy his labor of love!
#anovafoodnerd photo of the day! @chefane92 doing Easter dinner right with this luscious #sousvide rack of lamb. She seasoned the lamb up, dropped it in a bag, and sank it below the surface for two hours at 135°F / 57.2°C. When the rack was done cooking, she gave it a quick sear and carved into this medium rare masterpiece.
#anovafoodnerd photo of the day! @hapcooks dug into this picture-perfect #sousvide ribeye after a 2 hour cook at 128°F / 53.3°C. When this specimen of a steak was done soaking, Harvey fired up the charcoal to give this chunk of beef a wicked hot sear.
#anovafoodnerd photo of the day! @sous_vide_and_chill served up some #SousVide salmon on a bed of spicy cauliflower rice, and we can’t stop staring! He gave the slab of salmon a speedy 30-min bath at 117°F / 47.2°, and then a quick pan sear to crisp that skin.
Wanna jazz up that ramen? Peep our Instagram stories and see how #anovafoodnerd @butterwilkinson and @phanyfresh spruce up this slurp-worthy #sousvide dish.
For the most surefire chocolate tempering technique turn to your Anova. Get ready to dive into the best Easter treats ever with this genius method from #anovafoodnerd @sousvideer. Get all the deets on these killer sweets at the link in our bio.
The secret to a superior #sousvide sear? Add a solid layer of high smoke point oil (we like grape seed) and submerge the surface of that steak until golden and crispy, 1-2 minutes per side. What’s your favorite way to sear, nerds? Drop it in the comments 👇
#anovafoodnerd photo of the day! @jbsousvide is back with these luscious #sousvide lamb lollipops. He gave these tender treats a 1.5 hour soak at 133°F / 56.1°C. After the 90 minute swim, he gave the lamb a quick sear and sat down to dig into these magical medium-rare medallions.
#anovafoodnerd photo of the day! @alyromero knows a thing or two about steak, and her latest rendition had her family saying “best ever!” She took a couple tomahawk ribeyes and gave them a 2-hour #sousvide soak at 129°F / 53.9°C before giving them a fiery sear on her @traegergrills.
#anovafoodnerd photo of the day! @snahmad going with the holy grail of #sousvide cooks, the famed 72-hour short rib. She seasoned these chunks up and submerged them for a 3 day underwater adventure at 143.6°F / 62°C. When the beef was done basking in that perfectly precise water, she gave them a fiery sear and then sat down to dive into this next level delicacy.
#anovafoodnerd photo of the day! @friar_stu showing off some show-stopping #sousvide carrots. All these multi-colored beauties needed was a quick 1-hour soak at 183°F / 83.9°C with some salt, butter, and honey before ending up on your plate for your new favorite side.
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