Anthony Metcalf

"I love riding with women. There's no snot blowing, spitting, or dirty jokes. Well I guess there is, but it's more fun when you're the one doing it!!"
"The snow doesn't give a soft white damn whom it touches"
Mt St Helen's "What's the most fetching thing that provokes people? A volcano? Fountains that dance? A pirate ship that sinks? Some other animated device or presentation? Is that as strong as mystery? Allure, intrigue, is much more powerful... It taunts you." -Steve Wynn
"When you stand over the clouds and watch them roll through the mountains below you, it shifts absolutely everything in your brain." -Jamie Chung
Avett brothers and Leavenworth, a weekend full of adventure, amyzing company, and wonderful music. #latergram
Sour + sunset, can't beat it.
"These are the places you will find me hidin' These are the places I will always go"
Alpine swim day #wildernesstherapy
Early sunday morning. #wildernesstherapy
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