Happy Birthday Pak @hotmanparisofficial
Relaxing for a moment 👫
Dau Go Cave in Halong Bay
The 200 kilometer tunnel built by Vietnamese Army (“Viet Cong”) during the Vietnam War, so many US Army was killed in this place #cuchi #vietnam
The house of the President of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The War was ended in 1975 after a North Vietnamese Army attack the Palace #hochiminhcity #vietnam
One of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most popular travel destination in Vietnam #halongbay #vietnam
Hoan Kirm Lake meaning Lake of the Returned Sword, the most historical place in Hanoi Capital #hanoi #vietnam
Built in 1898 by French Colonial Government #hochiminhcity #vietnam
Wedding of Anthony & Pamela #mrandmrsanthonydjono #180118 Organizer @prime_eventplanner Venue @adimuliahotel Decoration @paulinadecorationmedan Groom’s Suit @agusslim Bride’s Dress @hiantjen Bride’s Crown @rinaldyyunardi Cinematography @broadwaycreation Photography @sheerss_id Prewedding @antheiaphoto
Acara Bukber HP&P
Happy Wedding to my best brother @felixsto and @riverawijaya ! Feel very happy and proud to attend and watch directly this special moment of your life. Hope you happily ever after. Welcome to marriage life 🍺 #felixriverainlove
1,5 hours by ✈️, 5 hours by 🚗 and 45 minutes by 🚢 from Jakarta to Bengkalis. But it’s nothing compare to your happiness. Happy Wedding to my best bro @andiwij and Katherine. Welcome to marriage life. All the best for both of you. #bengkalis #wedding
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