Anthony Evans

Believer, Artist/Author, Entrepreneur, Vocal Producer, Future father. New book UNEXPECTED PLACES available NOW!! New album “Everything Else” Nov 2nd!

No words adequately describe Overlooking the Sea of Galilee with our dad... (missing our brother @jonathanblakeevans and our mom @loisievans )
What’s your favorite song from the new album? #everythingelse
Back to LA with a full heart because of these beautiful people! So glad I got to see my friends kill it!!! @torikelly @acmurillo22 @itsravaughn @brandonwinz and @imjustpeaches #hidingplacetour
At this point in my life I believe It’s more important for me to show vulnerability, honesty and authenticity than to garner the approval and strive for the acceptance of everyone around me. For the last 18 years as I’ve traveled the world I’ve hesitated to make an album that was anything other than what people expected of me as a worship leader. I was consumed with what might be thought if I did anything else. Well, I realized that striving for approval, at times perpetuated me being disingenuous and that is the antithesis of who I want to be. My new album “EVERYTHING ELSE” is an album that is an honest expression of where I have been and In some cases where I still am. I decided that instead of writing about my faith that I would write about my human experience as a man of faith and finally talk about #everythingelse that we sometimes we seemingly ignore. AVAILABLE TODAY...Anywhere music is streamed/sold. LINK TO YOUR FAVORITE RETAILER IN BIO.
Let It Die feat. BENJI Tomorrow my new album #everythingelse is available everywhere music is digitally sold/streamed!
3 days until Everything Else! #thesecret
One week away from new music! #everythingelse Nov 2nd.
#everythingelse NOV 2nd!
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