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She said, "What if I tell you all the things I've done? Would you run away from me?" Make up @shermakeupartist
Minangnese malam bainai tradition. The night before wedding of Bianca - Darien.
From where we first met. Prewedding of Lia-Ranggi. Make up @shermakeupartist
When nature calls, when not being alone sense tingling. Make up @shermakeupartist
You're the reason to make me believe that love&marriage weren't the biggest scam. Prewedding of Bianca - Darien.
Im looking for a long ride. Prewedding of Friska - Fred Make up @shermakeupartist
Holidays coming Make up by @keynda
Read for Good.
Stuck in the moment.
Just the perfect time.
The most romantic caption in the world. Prewedding of Arvin-Mega. Make up by @shermakeupartist
Valhalla in her mouth. Prewedding of Bianca - Darien.
Night brawler.
Recent work for
Can I lay by your side? Styled by @mas.tjohn
Megaria, 2018.
Now the room is all hazy we're too lost in the fumes.
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