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Yellow one or white one but both my favorite Wearing @shopping.square.official ❤❤❤
Because I like to walk on the sea 😊 #peacefulplace ❤️ #walkonthesand 👣👣 #beachtime 🌴
#Repost (@get_repost ) ・・・ Watch another amazing yet emotional episode of Nurturing Relationships: Generational Values by @philipsavent.pak ❣️ It must be acknowledged that grandparents are crucially important in our lives. They strengthen the family in a way that parents alone sometimes cannot. They always encourage their loved ones, help and support in every stage and give fond memories. 👩🏻‍🦳👨🏻‍🦳 Subscribe to their YouTube channel for more videos: Cast: @anumfayaz786 @sarwatg Shamim Hilaly #Mamasaysso #SarwatGilani #AnumFayyaz #ShamimHilaly #PhilipsAvent #PhilipsAventPakistan #Parenting #Motherhood #Grandmother #GenerationalValues #NurturingRelationships
Darkness is silence, solitude & peace !
You are mine because, " ALLAH " Gave you to me, So I will keep you close to me" Happy nikha anniversary @asadanwar7287 ❤❤
Boomerang fun 😊 @asadanwar7287 ❤❤
Thank you @aymrbyayesha for this 😊😊
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