anzlie ravert ✰

bring da funk ∆ OR

Blue Boy
a few of my fav things
Desert Song
danced under the constellations in the best state eva #beezkneez
roamed round this gem on earth in our @vans
Lady, lady
Same as it ever waaas s/o my gal @yokimster for capturin sweet moments <33
the twinstas seventeenth ✨✨ lucky to have these wild, weirdly telepathic, life lovin souls to dance through this world with.. all the love, my dudes xo
the hippest, goofball pal a gal could ask for <33
oh how I've missed these mystical mountains
all I know bout bein alive, is that life's for the liiivin!
Heart hurts so good with these guys.. LANY forever xxx
"You belong somewhere you feel free.." - Tom Petty
a very happy birthday to sweet V! catch yooo galllsss in E55 💟
blue us away.. #optoutside 🌲
play that funky music
juuus peachy
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