Appomattox Court House National Historical Park is a 1,700 acre unit of the National Park Service.

#StillnessAtAppomattox : This budding Red Maple tree in the yard of the Clover Hill Tavern once again signals the coming of an early #Spring . #FindYourPark
#StillnessAtAppomattox Spring comes a bit early this year as flowers bloom in the yard of the Peers' House. #CivilWar #NPS
#StillnessAtAppomattox : Winter sunset lights up the sky behind the Lewis Isbell House. #CivilWar #AppomattoxNPS
#StillnessAtAppomattox The county courthouse and Meeks' general store on a winter evening. #CivilWar #FindYourPark
#StillnessAtAppomattox : Looking south from the village on an icy morning this past week. #CivilWar
Stillness at Appomattox- this view of the Isbell House was taken during this past week’s super blue moon. #StillnessatAppomattox #bluemoon2018
#StillnessAtAppomattox : The Meeks field on a foggy afternoon. The grave on the right is that of Lafayette Meeks, a local Confederate soldier who died of typhoid fever in 1861. #AppomattoxNPS
#StillnessAtAppomattox : Confederate cannon in the yard of the Peers House. Some of the last artillery shots of the war in VA were fired from here. #CivilWar
#StillnessAtAppomattox : A winter sunset from a few weeks back paints vibrant colors on the Eastern horizon. #AppomattoxNPS #FindYourPark
#StillnessAtAppomattox : These were five of the most popular Stillness images from 2017. Appomattox Court House certainly experiences all four seaons and the changes in the landscape come through in the Stillness series throughout the year. The park would like to thank all of our loyal Facebook followers for their continued interest in the park and we look forward to seeing all of you in 2018! #AppomattoxNPS #FindYourPark #CivilWar #YearInReview
Stillness at Appomattox: The McLean House parlor security cam caught this image of an "intruder" in the "Surrender Room" recently. He was dressed as Father Christmas would have been during the Civil War era (see Thomas Nast's Harper's Weekly illustrations of the jolly old elf back then.) Stay tuned because we'll be on the lookout for him tonight, although our NPS Integrated Pest Management procedures mean we won't be able to leave any milk and cookies. #StillnessAtAppomattox #StNicholasAtAppomattox #NPSMuseumHandbookProcedures
#StillnessAtAppomattox The McLean House after last week's snow storm. #AppomattoxNPS #FindYourPark
Special visit From Father Christmas & one of his elves at the Park’s Holiday Open House!
#StillnessAtAppomattox Snow blankets the Stage Road to the courthouse building. #AppomattoxNPS
#StillnessAtAppomattox A beautiful late Autumn sunset over the McLean house and the western side of the village. #NPS #FindYourPark
#StillnessAtAppomattox Autumn sun sets on the Isbell House. Built in 1850, this original building now serves as the Park's headquarters. #NPS
Sun setting on a lovely Autumn afternoon. #AppomattoxNPS
#StillnessAtAppomattox Fallen leaves in front of the Clover Hill Tavern remind us of the changing seasons 152 years ago. #NPS
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