Arches National Park

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After several rainy days, we're enjoying some cotton-ball clouds and sunshine! 🌤️ #ArchesNPS #Arches #utah #TurretArch
From the tiniest drop of water to the mightiest flood, Arches National Park's geology is in constant change. Today's thunderstorms brought rushing water through narrow gaps, scouring the rocks and carrying tiny pieces of the park away. How will the park change in a year, 100 years, 1,000 years? (cw) #geology #flood #weather #utwx #ArchesNPS
Fall is right around the corner! Longer shadows, cooler temperatures and changing leaves are readily welcomed by plants, wildlife and visitors alike! Dehydration is still a major threat in cooler weather, however, keep drinking that water! (mt) #autumn 🍁 #findyourpark
“Let me rust to the finest dust. But first, may I be an arch!“ -G.E. Park Visitor from California (ip) #findyourpark #archesnp
The Parade of Elephants is located in the Windows Section. Can you spot the “elephant” in this picture? Tip: It’s much bigger than the actual animal! 🐘(mt) #findyourpark
In addition to it’s unique geology, Arches National Park protects representative examples of Colorado Plateau ecosystems. Here is a plant community in front of Turret Arch! (mt) #findyourpark
A baby deer was spotted walking along the Devil’s Garden trail! What adaptations can you see that help this animal avoid predators? (mt) #findyourpark
Baby Arch has a lot riding on it’s shoulders! With over 2000 arches in the park, each one is unique. Do you have a favorite arch? Or one you would like to explore? (mt) #findyourpark
Skyline Arch tucked away behind glowing rocks at sunset. Being only 0.2 miles from the road, it’s a great shorter hike but also viewable from the parking area! (mt) Photo Credit: Dan Kolenberg
A desert storm rolls in from the main road at #archesnationalpark . When exploring your park, keep in mind that your 👣 will stay around a lot longer than you will! Avoid stepping on soft dirt, sand, and 🌱’s. Living soil crust may not always be large, dark clumps- it may be much younger and just at the surface of the dirt. Use trails! Walking on hard rock and established trails is much better than stepping on dirt or sand. 🏃🏾‍♀️🚶🏻‍♂️ (ml) 📷: NPS/M Larcom #leavenotrace #steplightly #knowbeforeyougo #desertlife #trailtuesday
With summer in full swing, you may not feel like hiking 3 miles (round trip) to Delicate Arch. But you can still see it from viewpoints! Be smart, drink water, have fun! (mt) #findyourpark #delicatearch #desert
Balanced Rock defies gravity but only for the moment. Eventually the 3,600 ton boulder will come tumbling down as erosional processes continue to shape our landscape. How long do YOU think it has? 🤔 (mt) #findyourpark
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