Archis Patil

4 World Records🏅🏅🏅🏅Adidas Athlete 🇮🇳 ⚽️2 times Indian Panna Champion. International athlete SISM -USA🏆Top 12 in the world 🇮🇳 Entrepreneur - Subscr

🔴ATTENTION 🔴 Juggling while PARAGLIDING . I finally did it . It was a dream once and I always thought about doing something as crazy as this . ljuggling while Paragliding . It sounded crazy , insane, dangerous but NOT IMPOSSIBLE . I had a dream and I stood by it . Might seem easy right ? When the ground slips below your feet , 3000 ft high the air pressure changes , winds are at least 80 kmphs generating G-FORCE on the core and you might end up in an Infinity loop . Things turn weird and faith walks in . First one in the World to juggle on a paraglide at the speed of 25+kmphs .(try sitting out of a car at the same speed moving left and right and wave your hand ) you will realize what I went through in the air . With the expertise of @flytemplepilots My dream is no longer a dream but a Reality. I have achieved one more milestone and have set a new Bench mark .Even Indians are capable of doing extreme things . I am proud to be one. Thanks for you support . Regards, Archis Patil 🇮🇳 Shot and edited by - ❤️ Done with the best in India - @flytemplepilots #gopro #goproin #goprofamily #india #indian #football #isl #apollotyres #fslife #iamafootballfreestyler #squadrannkillinit @creatorspremierleague @adidas
Killing it big time here in Chennai Representing @apollotyresltd . Did an Insane Half time show with @val_freestyle from Singapore , Finished a Profile shoot for the brand at 7 am on the beach with a Cyclone.alert warning and now heading to meet the @manchesterunited Legends for a Press meet . Life's good so is the coffee here in Chennai .
Challenge accepted @rannvijaysingha 😎🤟🏽 No better way to go #BeyondLimits than taking penalty shots a notch higher with the amazing RED #Honor8X ! ⚽🥅 I challenge @nishkarsharoraa to take the #BeyondLimits challenge with #Honor8X ! 🤟🏽🤟🏽 #ForTheBrave #LiveLikeLegends @creatorspremierleague @hihonorindia #contentcreator #influencer
I recently came across and started using a completely plant-based source of protein - @ace.blend . What's amazing is that, it is absolutely natural and fortified with essential nutrients and antioxidants. It's free from any side effects and absorbs extremely easily(Absolutely no bloating!). It also has a complete amino acid profile that is extremely essential for someone like me who's body undergoes daily wear & tear. Not just for people who workout, this infact is a blend crafted for the 21st century hectic lifestyle. #aceblend #natural
What a great night ! Met @harbhajan3 , Roadie Roadies scenes haha .. so glad to talk about passion and Skills . Such a legend . #indian #cricket #football #freestyle #squadrann #roadies #roadies #adidas #adidasathlete #taj #instavideo - edit @mrmasand
Officially Signed by Adidas Football as an Athlete . One more step towards my dream. #adidasathelete #livelikelegends #adidas #neverstop
Life is all about finding the right balance. #adidasathlete #adidas #creatorspremiereleague #tangoleagueindia
Co owner for United Mumbai FC ,My hard tram in Adidas . ALREADY ON YOP OF THE league in Delhi ,,coming to to Mumbai with a new Legacy ! Mumbai - It's Time to Live Like Legends! *mic drops*⚽👏🤫 . @adidasfootball @creatorspremierleague #livelikelegends
Swipe Left ⬅️⬅️ Made a new World record for playing rink football for 48 hours continuously in a Relay Rink football Marathon which happened at Belgaum few days back . My team did a fantastic job It was a crazy experience for me as I was playing alongside @easymantv , One of the greatest panna players and the best in my team . It was a great experience and we did it as a team including my brother.. So much to learn and so much to improve upon in life .I know my worth and I won't stop ! This is my 4th world record .Thanks to @aksarkar47 for Flying me down , it was surely a huge event and a greater success . @indianrinkfootball #squadrann #worldrecordholder #indian #shivgangarollerskating #crispylife #easymantv @creatorspremierleague #adidasathelete @pannahouse
Official Teaser "BALL LOVE Ft. ARCHIS PATIL" It was one of the best experience of shoot and we really enjoyed shooting this for you all guys. We would like to thank @thebasedelhi @adidasfootball for their continuous support and @archisfreestyler for being there with us and creating such content. Stay Tuned for the full video and for regular updates of our video SUBSCRIBE our @youtube Channel (link in bio) #adidasathelete #adidasfootball #adidasthebase #sportsphotography #broll #montage #videoproductions #crispylife #footballer #freestyler #movieoftheday #loveball #ballerforlife #alphafilms Shoot on @sonyalpha @sony @sonyalphain Stabaliser @djiglobal Ronin S Location Adidas Football Base Delhi We Create to Entertain. We Create to Express. Keep Smiling. Keep Clicking. ALPHA FILMS
I lift him up in pictures and he lifts me up in Life . Thank you big brother @rannvijaysingha for everything. #crispylife #rvlife #creatorspremiereleague #squadrann @filaindia
The Weekend Look ! You always need X factor to succeed, providing that are the co-owners of the teams. Presenting @archisfreestyler one of the 16 co-owners of the league. Which team will he join? All to be revealed soon. 😎⚽♠️ _ @creatorspremierleague @adidasfootball #livelikelegends #football #soccer #influencer
Being a Male is a matter of birth,being a Man is a matter of age ,but being a gentle man is a matter of choice . Shot by :- Products :- @themancompany Shoes :- Fila X RV by @rannvijaysingha Apparels :- @zara Ball :- @4freestyle #themancompany #malemodel #celebrityinfluencer #tmclounge #4freestyle #fitnessmodel #popculture #gentlemensclub #talentainment #igo
My passion hits fashion ⚽🕴️. Styled by : @themancompany Shot by : Ball : @4freestyle Shoes : Fila X RV @rannvijaysingha Special Edition . #malemodel #tmclounge #4freestyle #freestyle #4freestyle #zara #instamumbai #activewear #gentleman
PARIS | LONDON | PRAGUE - Have been travelling a lot and creating some crazy content for my upcoming project. It's challenging to be an Influence yet decently evolve .Thanks to @goproin for always supporting me and my Sponsors to make me travel all around the world . A lot more than football happening in life. Thanks for all the positive vibes . You guys rock. #goproin #goproinfluencer #paris #london #adidas #prague #eiffeltower #praguecastle #fslife #iamafootballfreestyler #indianfootballfreestyle #adidasathlete #aroundtheworld @adidas @creatorspremierleague @fcbanterbury @squadrann
Just received these amazing products from The man company always keeping modesty as the citadel of beauty . It's an honour to be associated with them .. Bringing in the festive vibes it can't get better . @themancompany #wordinfluencer
You are always one decision away from a totally different life . Trust your intusion #adidas #athlete #squadrann
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