Archis Patil

3 World Records🏅🏅🏅International Athlete ⚽️2 times Indian Panna Champion 🏆Top 12 in the world 🇮🇳 Entrepreneur - Subscribe ⏬⏬⏬

Blank Happiness . #adidas #livelikelegends PC - @neeraj.kt
Prague life ! A flashback of some massive places and ultra crisp tricks. This is just the beginning . #adidas #livelikelegends #HonorIndia #goproin #gopro @goproin #goproin @gopro @creatorspremierleague #prague @fcbanterbury
Been 10 years ,I have been freestyling , I still get goosebumps when I get flashbacks of the things I have done just to be here so far ! Starting from 0 with no support to this height still moving forward . I have been proving myself year after year setting bench marks and still pushing for more. From being a Athlete,Actor, All rounder I have just been pushing myself in all directions to be Versatile. Honestly when I get up everyday I don't have to beg in front of anyone for work , I don't have to be two faced to get things done ,maybe this is why I keep my circle small and clean . RESPECT THE BETTER ONE AND TEACH THE AMATEUR ONE has always been my Moto .I am a learner and I am happy with whatever I have because it has always kept me happy . @elle_pippin thanks for always supporting me . #betterhalf
I missed the Auctions coz I was in Prague , but my team @fcbanterbury Auctions were lit. Strongest team on paper ,and this for all of you who missed out ! This is what went down!🔥⚽ _ @creatorspremierleague @adidasfootball , @yes_bank @maltwinofficial @bislerizone , @vitamindguru , @feverfmofficial , @enerzalindia , @sehiforeye , @hudleplay , @disrupt_india , @whiskersformen , @goplaybook #creatorspremierleague #livelikelegends #adidasfootball #footballseason #soccer #football #creativityishere #goodvibes
Because I love you @elle_pippin . #betterhalf #soulmate
Have the courage of your desire . #livelikelegends #adidas #Tangoleagueindia PC - @neeraj.kt 😍😍😍
Thank you @varunsood12 for nominating me . This is my 17 year old story . Let's start with my Nick name Archie Crispy - I was a fat kid who used to Game for 8-10 hours everyday and eat chicken crispy all day long (hence the nickname).I was a Hustler back then and was independent enough , never got money and used to win LP matches for my whole day support . Without any purpose of life and no friends , I was a low-key guy who was in a just never social . Doing something completely unconventional like football Freestyle , No one supported me not even my parents . Many friends used to call me a circus juggler and what not , it was because I wasn't in a standard category like them and I did not have a herd mentality . THE ONLY DIFFERENCE AND THE KEY TO MY SUCCESS WAS - I BELIEVED IN MYSELF . I am still working hard to be a better person in life and this is never going to end .. So far so much , I have been loyal to the things I have loved and I don't have regrets in life . I would want to nominate @elle_pippin @aarushiduttaofficial @vickyarora @divyaagarwal_official @nibby31.official and @gauravalugh . #againstallodds #bodyfirst @bodyfirst_india
Life doesn't give you what you want . It gives what you deserve. #mybodyfirst #farakpadtahai #wheyprotein #fitathlete #brandambassador
If it's still in your mind ,it is worth taking the risk . #livelikelegends #superball #adidas #prague
Thanks for the Picture @creatorspremierleague . Made it till the Top 12 in the World at Super Panna ball in Czech Republic (Europe) . Thanks a lot @rannvijaysingha for supporting me always . #honoryourcrazy #CrazyfastCrazySmart #adidas #livelikelegends #levelup #squadrannboy #squadrannkillinit #urbanballer
Tomorrow I Battle it out ! I have two battles in one day !! Crispylife.. thanks for your support guys . @goproin @squadrann @hihonorindia @disrupt_india @adidas @creatorspremierleague #livelikelegends #forthebrave
Tomorrow I Fly off to Europe to Represent India once again for the 5th Time to Czech Republic (Prague) . My trainings have been great and consistent too . LAST YEAR I CAME IN TOP 16 IN THE WORLD IN THE PANNA CATEGORY AND THIS YEAR I AM AIMING FOR A MUCH BETTER RANK . Thanks to everyone who supported me in my injuries and my good times . Going hard once again and putting the India on the football Freestyle Map . #livelikelegends #adidas #tangoleague #athlete pc- @alphafilms17
Ready to light up the streets 🔥 #X18 #Tangoleagueindia #heretocreate @adidasfootball PC - @neeraj.kt
Happy Independence Day 🇮🇳 ! Shall be Representing India in the World Football Freestyle Championships in few more days ! Off to Prague to get India on the Freestyle Map . #heretocreate #adidas #hustle #livelikelegends
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