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Modern or classic? Both visualization by specialized studio for architectural visualization based in #stockholm #sweden ...... #architects_need to be feature
The leaning tower of Pisa ... Via @architectanddesign ... Photo by @boyanoo @jonomcfall ..... #architects_need to be feature
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House goal? Lambda villa by @massimo.mdl located in #singapore
Amazing close up of tel aviv arcade by @chrisprecht .... #architects_need to be feature
Jenga tower by @buroolescheeren for @bosaproperties .... Scale Model by @abscalemodels ... #architects_need to be feature
Axor shower design and materiality by ghanai and heinrich ........ @architects_need to be feature
Faceted window frames project from the slatted timber and stained-glass facade of this apartment block in Tehran, designed by Iranian studio Keivani Architects..... Via @lordd_architecture ..... #architects_need to be feature
Amazing model of villa sayil by @arq_dan_gonza ..... Located in tulum #quintanaroo Via @arch_important
The driving design goal for Kanning Orthodontics was to create a space that patients feel comfortable in. A classic vernacular form was chosen for the primary building, and clean exterior and interior lines speak to the precision and quality of work offered to patients. Natural wood was used as an accent at the entry and extends inside for added warmth. The main exam bay contains 6 chairs, a gabled ceiling, custom wood benches, and exceptional views of the wooded site for both patients and their family members. _ Design & fabrication by @_hufft _ Photography by Michael Robinson
St Edward’s University Residence and Dining Hall, Design by Alejandro Aravena, @alejandroaravenaarchitect Texas, 2008.... Via @lordd_architecture .... #architects_need to be feature
Luxury residence villa MQ ... By office O architects @officeo_architects .... Located in #tremelo #belgium Photo by tim van de velde ... #architects_need to be feature
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