“architecture that the world needs to see” ___ 。founder: @amanda_ferber 。tag #architecture_hunter 。youtube coming soon ___

TAG an Architect who sketches over 3D models. @morpholio Trace’s new “Drag’n’Fly” feature lets you literally put live 3D models into your drawings! 😮😮😮 Fly around to capture Infinite views and @morpholio TracePro will automatically generate perspective grids to draw on. Works for all OBJ Files. . Go to @morpholio bio to download a FREE TRIAL. . Trace Pro by @morpholio , Drawings by Master Illustrator @jimkeen , models made in the amazing @shapr3dapp . . ➕Make sure to follow: @morpholio @morpholioBoard . #MorpholioTrace #notCAD #IPreferDrawingToTalking #CanIBorrowSomeTrace #DrawingIsThinking
Look into the ever clear water from your #LGOLEDTV and let your imaginations run wild. #WallpaperTV #LGSIGNATUREOLEDTVW #LGOLEDAITV
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