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Things that spark joy for me in this photo: 1) That Marie Kondo is in my office, and 2) That she’s holding a pillow with one of my all-time favorite Rumi quotes. #WednesdayWisdom #Rumi #MarieKondo #SparkJoy
Love this little bit of valuable wisdom that actually draws on the Stoics — while we can’t control what happens, there are endless possible reactions to what happens, and we can control those reactions. And some are much more positive and productive than others. | Regram via @mindblissapp
Thrilled to launch @Thrive and @proctergamble ’s groundbreaking partnership at #CannesLions today! Great brands are habits for their consumers – and P&G’s brands are daily habits for up to 5 billion people around the world. Habit stacking is the fastest way to build a new healthy habit by adding it to an existing one, and the daily habits of P&G brands are the perfect springboard for Thrive’s Microsteps. For example, we're encouraging people to practice gratitude while brushing their teeth; develop a shower mantra to recite positive affirmations to yourself while washing your hair; and singing a song to your baby while you change his or her diaper—all science-backed ways to reduce stress, improve well-being and increase performance. Here are some people at the heart of this partnership, including P&G's Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard, and P&G Cannes mastermind Phil Duncan. Thank you @gayleking for moderating and Endeavor CMO @badassboz for joining our panel. Team Thrive at #CannesLions is represented by our Chief Brand Officer @danielshea , Global Chief Business Officer @iamashleymiles and Head of Branded Content @insta_lans.
Tag someone who might need to see a little bit of #MondayMotivation today!
On this #FathersDay , as we plan for my Christina to walk down the aisle, I’m today remembering my own father -- seen here, a long way from our native Greece -- walking me down the aisle at St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church in New York on my wedding day. Go to my #LinkInBio to read the column I wrote when he died.
Happy #FathersDay to my daughters' great dad and all the fathers around the world!
There's more to exhaustion than just feeling tired. Members of the @Thrive community shared the signs that made them realize they were nearing (or had reached) a point of exhaustion -- one of the defining characteristics of burnout. Are there any that you would add? The full list is at my #LinkInBio . #Burnout
8 hours of sleep? Inbox zero? Healthy relationships? Those are summer refreshments I can get behind! #Regram : @thecut
Great new interview with Françoise Gilot in the @nytimes. Made me pull out this photograph of us, taken in front of one of her paintings, by Helmut Newton while I was working on my Picasso biography (she is the mother of two of his children). She then helped bring my book "The Gods of Greece" to life through her art. Swipe through to some of her paintings representing the different gods and goddesses and go to my #LinkInBio for her new interview!
Tag someone who needs to see this! I wrote my book Thrive because I wanted to share my journey of learning the hard way that it’s easy to get so caught up in busyness that we can miss the joys of living in the moment. But it was important to make clear that this wasn't just one woman's journey. At @thrive , we know that there's a collective longing to stop living in the shallows, to stop hurting our health and our relationships by striving so relentlessly after success as the world defines it— and instead tap into the riches, joy, and amazing possibilities that our lives embody. #WednesdayWisdom #Thrive #Socrates
In a @nytimes op-ed, Dr. Richard A. Friedman asked: "Is Burnout Real?" Arguing, as Friedman does, that today’s young people expect their educations and careers to be one long joyride simply isn’t backed up by the data. Burnout is real and it goes much deeper -- 96 percent of senior leaders are experiencing burnout and it isn't because they expected a stress-free existence. When we call it what it is, we’re much better able to address it. Head to my #LinkInBio to read my full response.
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