Ellie Wesse


Happy birthday Tay Tay So blessed to have you as my big sis! . . #vscocam #curlcurl #beach
Have an ugly fence, and some dimples I didnt realise I had till this year 仄潑儭 . #vscocam
And my heads always up in the clouds 賅
The little things
Bad lighting and some weird hippie bells 滕
And as the summer faded, so did we
Missed you
Ready for Eddy #dividetour
Don't become the person who wrecked you
Last night was siickk my dudes #faves #ilooktrash
Bring back winter and this potato on a stick 對 #wintermagicfestival
Magical 鳶鳶
Thing is, if you can't be kind then be quiet 儭 儭
What a beautiful city