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“Real queens fix eachother’s crowns” 👑 Baby ❤ comment -x39 Baby ❤ post - x32 Sharone & Jacob Follow

Smile, it looks good on you 😊❤️ •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
I have no idea for a caption 🤓😂😂😡😍 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
Finish this sentence: I am... 🧐😏 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid @itsjacobelijah
Hey Ariel, mind sharing???? •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid @sharone
Me when I think realise it’s school 😠😠💩 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @ababymermaid @babyariel
Mood 24/7 😂🦄 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
I hate rollercoasters 🎢🤦‍♀️😭😭 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid @itsjacobelijah @josemartin @sharone
I love seeing Ariel happy ❤️😍😻 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
OMG I AM SO HAPPY FOR ARIEL!!!! ❤️❤️ •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid @sharone @itsjacobelijah @josemartin
Someone comment something for my bio!! •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
Well then this is just funny 😂 check my recent caption!! •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @ababymermaid @babyariel
Have you ever watched Jaws!?? I haven’t 😂😂 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid @sharone @itsjacobelijah
Ariel was more active on my account before she followed me 🤦‍♀️😭😭💔 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid @sharone (Baby liked)
Here is a tutorial on how I get Musicallys without the watermark on mu iPhone!! Hope it helps you, if you need help dm me ❤️ •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid @sharone
Still can’t get over the fact that Ariel has colourful nails 💎😍🦄❤️ •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid @sharone
ARIEL STOP DELETING POSTS 😠😡😭 Credit - @luvableariel •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
I’m sorry for being so inactive 😭 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid @sharone @itsjacobelijah @josemartin
Everyone please report this person!!!
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