Liv 💞|| Baby Refollowed

♡ ‘I WUV U MORE’ - Ariel ♡ I’m married to Peter Kavinsky ♡ Baby refollowed 12/09/18 ♡ Louise and Sherlin have my heart 💖💓💕💗💘💞💝

Update I got 8/10on my maths test and I made a stupid mistake in it but yeah that’s it •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
We love a meme. She’s such a mood 😂 Ac - @arielsearings Cc - @ccpcolorings Dt - Sherlin and anyone who likes this ig? •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
And that’s the tea 🍵 The reason #badzariel will never be a thing - No shade to Dani ofc!!! - So this is why you should never leave me alone when knowing im bored because I’ll do something stupid like this lol •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid @badzachx @daniellaperkins @brycehall @itsnickbean
I’ •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
I was going to post an edit I made at my 10 year old cousins LOL dolls themed birthday party but CCP crashes and the edit didn’t save so... 💀 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
Damn she’s so curvy 😍😍🤤 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
This softie has my heart 💕💘💖💗💓💞💝 Yes I know this is bad I made it when I had no WiFi and limited audios and pics 😊 Ac - @arielsfoxx Cc- ccpcolorings Dt - Natalia, Jana, Myle, Hind and Louise •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
Ariel is finally coming to the Uk next month but I don’t live in London and it’s took far away from where I live 🤯😢😡😡 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
I was practicing making my edits smooth while still on beat and made this... 🔥 Ac - @candyariiel Dt - @derekperfman @billiexspider @heartsforbbyariel and ccp legend @lvstlor •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
Ariel looks kinda sad in that pic 😂 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
She is one fineeee babydoll 🍼😍🔥🤤 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
Good morning babydolls ❤️🍼 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
Well that edit was a flop... I might repost it?? •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
Posting tomorrow 😀 Comment for a dt •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
Dream ☁️ Ignore this it’s for an edit ❤️❤️ (Baby like looool)
That makeup is on fleek 🔥 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
We love a supportive friend ❤️❤️ •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
Gooooooodmorining babydolls 🍼 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
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