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Are you ready? •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
I have so much tests this month so inactive me is here 😱❤️ Credit - @yodelingmillie •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
I made this for Lexi because I love her and that’s it. ❤️☁️ Ac - @babydollariiel Dt - @treasuringariel •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
I’m losing everyone I actually care about 😭😞💔 I tried out some new transitions 😱 Ac/Ib - @sweetieariel Dt - Ariel haters •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid #deathculttrct
A sista snapped 😍🔥 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @ababymermaid @babyariel (Baby liked)
We stan a softie forever ☁️ Ac - @arielsfoxx Dt - @arielsfoxx @sweetieariel @juiceariel @treasuringariel @luvrariel •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid #deathculttrct
Idek what this is. It’s shot but ya know. I’ll be inactive for a few days sorry babydolls ❤️❤️ •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid #deathculttrct
HER VOICE IS SO GOOD OML •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
THE HIGH NOTE OMFG •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid (Baby liked)
I ADORE THIS SONG SOOOO MUCH LIKE WOW 😍😍❤️ •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid (Baby liked)
Her voice is stunning 😍 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
This is 🔥🔥😍😍 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
This surprised me
Hey if you see this please check out my previous post ❤️🍼 •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• @babyariel @ababymermaid
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