Arif Prianto

Freelance comic book colorist for DC & Marvel. Living in Jakarta 🇮🇩 #colorist #comicbookcolorist

One Punch Flash! From #heroesincrisis 2. Lines by @travisgmoore , shines by me
Classic Quinn! Splash page from Heroes in Crisis 2. Lines by @claymannpi colors by me. Have you read the book yet? No spoiler please! ;)
Got to meet the Red Ronin himself at @indocomiccon ! It was great meeting you, man! 🙌 #Repost @death_star_soy • • • • • Finally met @yaswhodraws who do gorgeous covers for Red Hood and the Outlaws and also the awesome colorist @arifprianto_arf #dccomics #dccomicsalltheway
One lucky @chairandy got a free copy of #deathstroke ! Only at @indocomiccon
Buat yg rencana datang ke @indocomiccon , ada beberapa poster (sangat terbatas) dan setumpuk komik dgn harga spesial! Atau ke booth bwt ngobrol2 tentang komik atau perihal teknik mewarnai dll jg boleh 😉
Sneak peek of works I colored for last week #redandgreen
Finished #spiderman last week, that ending tho 😩 still lots of easter egg and challenges to do but those tombs ain't gonna raid themselves! #shadowofthetombraider
Is it December yet? Cover for Harley Quinn 55. Lines by @guillem_march shines by me
@marvel comp day! Bunch of covers I colored for @tylerkirkhamart and #poedameron 29
Another variant for Return of Wolverine. Lines by @tylerkirkhamart shines by me
Sneak peek of something I'm working on right now #inagalaxyfarfaraway
Sneak peek of covers I colored for @tylerkirkhamart this week. Have a great weekend, guys! ☕
Repost from @indocomiccon ! Sooo, for this year's Indonesia Comiccon these awesome people will be there as guest artists : @quahkm @death_star_soy @arioanin @iwannazif @yaswhodraws and then there's me. I never feel so unworthy lol #sendhelp
Cover for Batman and the Outsiders number 1 by @tylerkirkhamart and yours truly! The new series will out in December with Bryan Edward Hill as writer and @death_star_soy on interior arts.
Covers for X23 and Wolverine! Lines by @tylerkirkhamart shines by me #x23 #wolverine
Spread page from #immortalmen 5. Lines by @tylerkirkhamart colors by me with @saktiisback. It's out now!
Sneak peek of covers I just colored for @dccomics. Top and middle line arts by Guillem March, bottom line arts by Howard Porter
Sneak peek of a cover I just colored for @paolo_pantalena
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