Atsuo Sakurai

Business owner of ARIZONA SAKE LLC. 日本の酒造会社のサラリーマンから10年以上がかりで、「たぶん近代史上初」の独立を果たしました。飲んで幸せに、ボトルを見るだけでも胸が熱くなるような、そんな企業作りを目指します。

The tavern wine store! E. Camelback Rd. in Phoenix. #arizonasake
I found a origin of dust storm! Suburb of Holbrook! ホルブルック近郊、アリゾナでたまに吹き荒れる強風の原因を見つけました! #homeofazsake
Our local news paper Tribune news! Make small business great again! #homeofazsake #arizonasake
Thank you Mr. Douglas Ducey, Governer of Arizona for encouraging us! アリゾナ州知事より、激励状をいただきました。日本人では初の人間とのことです。ますますアリゾナが好きになります! ありがとうございます。 #arizonasake
6° urban kitchen @6degreesaz Sigunsture cocktail with #arizonasake Mr MIsaki !
Thank you Holbrook!! #arizonasake #homeofazsake
@glaibaanaz Glai Baan! They are back from vacation! Thank you for delicious Thai food!
I had sweets from Las Vegas! Kids and I love them! Misuzu who is an passionate patisserie from Japan makes them. @suzuya1 #azsakefriends
Right this moment, pleasure to share with friends. #homeofazsake
Lightning at Grand canyon! #homeofazsake
In Flagstaff. Met other craft liquor makers of Arizona! @canyon_diablo_distillery @drinkinghornmeadery thank you for this friendship! Friendship is the best part of doing business! #homeofazsake
Now we seem like getting in monsoon season. There are cotton candy clouds in the blue sky. Not too hot when clouds block the sun. #homeofazsake #arizonasake
Gold medal sake with great chefs! Hot noodle cold sake Date day! @hotnoodlescoldsake #arizonasake
Display at @mcgaughsflagstaff in Flagstaff! #arizonasake
Carrot and kale from yard with sesame flavor.
Holbrook Tribune news! ローカルの話題としてお取り扱いいただいて嬉しいです。ありがとうございます。#homeofazsake #arizonasake
@sakelab_totsuka 戸塚 酒料理研究所。
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