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#Photography enthusias #Bali 🌴

Batu karang yang terkikis ombak, Panorama Point, Jimbaran. Kesini ternyata gak sendiri, ada master landscaper juga yang ikutan main air @ariisdna @aryo_246 @bagusmarthayoga
The #weekend dance! Everyday is weekend at Ubud. @b.saya.bali
Sometime cloudy not always bad at Panorama Point, Jimbaran. Ada jumping cliffnya! 😋
Awesome night at our camp at Mende Hill few months ago. Two months left, we can't wait to start our first sail to Komodo. Gear is setup but one thing we need is something can fly. 🚁
Tegalalang Rice Terrace, #bali 🌴 Where you will spend your weekends?
Nungnung waterfall, #bali #indonesia never get bored about nature.
Tukad Cepung Waterfall, maybe you have seen thousands of times on #instagram , but there is something. I took pictures from the angle people used to do, I used a wide lens to reach the whole scene, when I saw the results it made me ambiguous.
Melewati tebing dan celah bebatuan untuk mencapai air terjun Tukad Cepung dengan cahaya yang terbatas di halangi tumbuhan membuat lokasi ini WOW! #whplight Photo belong to @vancityval and @elizabethstasia
The iconic gate into heaven and @vancityval believe he can fly. There is queue now if you wanna pass the gate to #instagram heaven, trust me! #whpfly #worldnomads
#editing session, i just want to color grade the second one and i don't want to composite it but what can i do? I can't control my head this is just happening. Inter #imagination #artofvisuals #visual #visualart #whpwordstoimages @instagram
Gunung Agung from Bukit Cemara, Karangasem #bali #indonesia Bukit Cemara punya lokasi camping terkeren yang pernah saya kunjungi.
Imagine and then manipulate it. *girlfriend is real! ✌
Ten minutes before she get wet! 😆 Sekumpul waterfall #bali #indonesia
There is always sunshine after cloudy. A windy day at the edge of the cliff at Panorama Point. #bali #indonesia #whplight #lensbible
Landscape ujungnya #bali pantai Karangsewu, Gilimanuk.
A fogy morning at Danau Tamblingan, #bali #indonesia #whplight
Someone putting fish trap in middle of lake Danu Batur early morning. #bali #indonesia #whplight #lensbible
A man will take sea water at Kusamba beach, Klungkung #bali #indonesia to make salt in traditional way.
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