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italian after effects editor ♡ non | eu | mirku | katsvudon | social dt me armin pls i’m a depressed hoe repost w credits / report spam

yeah, it’s important i’m going on hiatus because i don’t feel editing like an hobby but like a stress, one of my examples is that if i post something not aot related it flops and i don’t like aot like the passed year. i can’t be active on grps and admin can ban me, this year i have a lot to study and i can’t edit so often.. sometimes i will post some edits but not very often! tysm for your time 💞
this monthly was fav my hero academia character and we cannot say i’m the # 1 kaminari stan but i love him , spread kaminari love 💞💖💓💝💕💓💝💕💖
this is a super scrap but my bromance is my bromance <3 i ship them as friends but you can take this also like a ship edit??
please turn brightness on because it wasn’t so dark and hhhh it’s so sad, i can tell you i changed coloring but i don’t know who is the owner!! if you know tell me uwu, i also like ayato and one of my friends have chosen the song—
‘s post the only star i see in season 3 i’m sorry cause i didn’t post a lot and in 2 days there will be armin’s birtDay!! — dt: hisu hisu fans cc: citric.mavis song: famous dex - japan anime: attack on titan
‘s post i hope this won’t flop because i worked so hard on this <3 spread armin’s love uwu — dt: all the people voted yes in my poll ( wow you were 50! ) cc: citric.mavis song: habits of my heart anime: attack on titan
‘s post this is the yumikuri edit i made but honestly i don’t like it :( — dt: yumikUri stans cc: citric.mavis song: i don’t know anime: attack on titan
‘s post edit for my beetch @kanvky , neko levi is such a blessing and cute we should appreciate him more ^ — dt: anna & martina uwu cc: citric.mavis song: kyle- ikudayo anime: attack on titan
this is very bad but i tried some new things~ #eucorners : spooky edit #drinkyourmirku : spooky edit — dt: yuno lovers lol cc: citric.mavis
i’m sorry ‘cause i’m making a lot of plot twists OOF, i promise i will do more often this kind of edits~ <3 — dt: me me me + @aruumin @surveymin @imarmout ++ other armin stans ac: surveymin
kaneki can be the cutest bean and the baddest psycho <3 — dt: @kanvky @endd.kxn @svkigan + all kaneki‘ stans- cc: citric.mavis
horses’ king also know as gentleman or armin’s husband 💞 — dt: @yeager.mp4 ( i said you i would give you dt in livE ) @kanvky @lttlemvs @yoishoken @voidackerman @aishteriu cc: citric.mavis
i’m finally back with a new edit <3 this is a scrap and ik but i wanted to post something and i’m so sorry.. i apologize
Our Pikachu boy ⚡️ dt: @zuldx @bsd.sarah @izuvex @voidboku @uchihasamv ac: oumadious// cc: citric.mavis
Tysm for 1.5k 💞 I had no idea that we’d hit 1k but now we’re 1500! I won’t stop to thank you guys 💖 ac&ib: voidackerman // dt: @awmikasa @gothmikasa @ahemikasa
I have nothing to post since I’m in Austria right now 💞 I have this old twixtor practice with Homura, so this isn’t a vent~
the soldier who’ll save humanity 💞💞💞 dt: armin stans
#karmamonthly : same voice actor as karma 💞 dt: @chjaki
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