🏹I AM THE GREEN ARROW 🚫Season 7 spoilers 🔴All hate will be removed ❤️Lora is my angel 👼😘 💝Just here for one person😘

Just something I noticed -
Then or now? -
Are you hyped for Arrow or legends? - Source:Screen Rant
Who was a better villain? -
Who did you get?- -
Rate the scene -
This was unexpected... -
Miss moments like these😭😭 -
Happy new year!!🎆 - Thank you everyone for an amazing year I hope you guys had an amazing year too!!Farewell 2018 welcome 2019!! -
Yes I did remake the meme -
Are you enjoying the flash fowards? -
Rate the scene😂😂 I miss scenes like this... -
Was this one of the saddest scenes of arrow? -
That’s impressive did you enjoy arrow season 1? -
Who did u get? -
What do u prefer flashbacks or flashfowards? -
Which finale was your favorite? -
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