Arslan Farrukh

Qualified as an Architect, pretending as an Artist. Modern Contemporary Realism Art "GAME NIGHT" My solo art show. 21st to 27th June at @gaiafusion 🖤

"GAME NIGHT" Art Exhibit by @arslanfarrukh opens today at 5 PM and up until 27th June. See you at the show! #BabyLetTheGamesBegin #arslanfarrukh
Last final pieces ready & off to the framer. 2 days to go! "GAME NIGHT" opens on 21st June. #scrabble
LUV 🖤 It makes you do crazy things. For the last 16 months I have gone to extreme lengths for the sake of love for art. To build my dream & have my own show has come with a lot of sacrifices that go unseen. My practise is a very isolated task which requires an incredible amount of attention and time. I have always been a loner but with this show I have pushed all my limits. I have skipped events, birthdays, weddings, hangouts and all social gatherings. I have lost and not seen my friends or extended family in over a year and completely dedicated every second to make this show possible! I do not regret any of it! But hope that this show opens new doors and chances to make new relations and get back into life. That is what I did for love. What about you? What would you do for #love ? #scrabble #LUV
Peace to the world and a Very happy eid to everyone who is celebrating across the globe. Have a lit weekend! ✌ #scrabble #V
S A Y | Y A S #yas swipe 🔛
Squeezed 2 hours into 20 seconds! Someone teach me how to make a time lapse for my drawings that take an average of 30 to 40 hours. My camera keeps running out of battery & space. Plus I have to start it over & over after every 13 mins because it shuts down! Help me out & tell me what stuff I should buy to make some sweet timelapses ✌
All the king's men are off to the framer now. ⚫⚫⚫⚫ #chess #pawn
Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang #scrabble #G
When I say I am a self-taught artist. What I really mean is that I googled it all up. @google has been my teacher for everything. With millions of search results it has answers to anything I question! From shopping wooden scrabble tiles online to learning about the best paper & pens to draw with! I just googled it all. #Google is #mysuperg ❤💛💚💙
Rebels Regret Rare #scrabble #R
@robynkonichiwa "come get your honey" @lenadunham got me hooked & over a year later the song is about to drop any minute! Gonna be rippin it for days... #robyn #r
What is ART anyway? #scrabble #art Comment below what art means to you!
Art for art's sake! 52 pens and almost 120 hours later. #penonpaper #scrabble #art
Tart? Fart? Bitches go far who are Smart! #scrabble
ice lollies and ice creams all summer long! #i #scrabble
i i i i i this whole scrabble series has provoked so much narcissism around me. Everyone is interested, asking and messaging me about their letter or their tile. Y'all are self loving too much. Good on ya! 👍#scrabble
Just Joking Jokes #dirtyjokes #scrabble #J If you know a good joke post it below. Let's lol together.
Just juicing dreams to reality! #scrabble
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