*Nature runs a restaurant called KARMA..!* *Its a place where there is no need to place any order...!* *We are automatically served what we deserve.!!!* This is my sharing for this moment
How would you like to go to a funeral without a physical body, just ashes and love. This is worst fire in LA😢😢😢😢. She had a huge collection of art in her Vila?? There is no way and the insurance company can substitute her collections. It is very painful to see the sorrow of the family. Imagine, the pain and screaming and a torture my wonderful sister had to go through. May the Lord bless her soul. Now, the question is when there is so much sorrow, how can I sustain myself so I have abundance to share with the family. I understand humanity, and I know there will be a series of aftershock that’s going to take place in the family between her daughter, her husband and the rest. In order for me to help them I need to stay silent. I’m doing maximum two hour meditation and it’s not enough. So many people need me right now I’m not getting time to disappear into silence. I am manifesting to try to start this Sunday. Please, Take your a few minutes, closer eyes and pray. My sister had a big fight with her daughter that day, it is too late for her daughter to say sorry to her Mom. This is why, when I hang up the phone I always say to people that I love you. I always try to ask for forgiveness immediately if any drama takes place. I never wish this death on anyone. But we all must go back where we come from. We must let them go because she is not in any pain anymore. That chapter is closed it’s a new moment. In order to live in the moment and free from attachment with things and objects, we must have a lifestyle to be connected to the universe. 😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️☝️☝️☝️☝️😘😘😘
Enjoyed the African culture in Beverly Hills.
Hello everyone, Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be going in silent meditation. I don’t know what day or time I’ll be done. My phones computers everything is going to be off. No interaction with anyone in this world. I must stay connected to my Lord. This world is just an illusion. These fire has affected me. Lost one of my family friend, two people are living in the hotel. I cannot access them. I am a very mellow human living in this Insane world. I’m passing my time only to collect my suitcase with good karma only. If you want to contact me please do today and tomorrow. I will announce when I get back. It’s just going to be with me and my universe. The money God does not resonate with me. This is why I’ve given away all my state. I have no attachment with money or fame. My Lord has blessed me with beautiful life which is full of love and I’m surrounded by a lot of love. I do my best and I’m calling it a day. In order for me to continue serving, I must have abundance. I’m going to write some quotes for my assistant keep you all posted about the lifestyle. I don’t tell anyone what to do, I’m living it and I’m sharing it. This is why I need to go away from this world to refill and rejuvenate my soul. See the celebration and see the fire. From my heart to your heart love and peace. We are one! Dame Munni Irone
Music producer Paula, representing Yasmeena.
Yasmeena won Art4peaceawards and up for GRAMMY nomination. Today, celebrating in Sacramento hosted by California sunrooms.
Spanish radio show about art 4peace awards 3rd annual ceremony
Ready for big show tomorrow every chair is taken. Sorry, next one we have in bigger place.
We Just A Music Band From @iceland Will Be Attending This Means We Have 47 Countries Participating. The Gigantic Red Carpet is Also Done.s The Stage Along With Candle Ceremony Is Also Done. So, Guys, Get Ready For The Biggest Event Of 2018 On October 28th, 2018 At Seban Theatre. BOOK YOUR TICKETS TODAY: - - - - #art4peaceawards2018 #worldfilmfestival #art4peacechallenge #TouchToneProductions #PajamaStudios #WeGotNext #hollywood #globalchange #makingadifference #change #likeforfollow #followforfollowback #religiousunity #indianfollowers #followforfollow #instagood #morefollowersplease #influencer #influencermarketing #indianfollowers #followforfollow #instagood #morefollowersplease #getmorefollowers #getmorefollowershere
We are so excited so far we have 43 country’s and 74 flying within the US. Did you are the VIP of you country, please contact us right away. It was in June imitation to join us in a beautiful candlelight ceremony for Peace. Gigantic guard carpet tons of media. Visit, only. Others are Fraudulent websites. We will definitely take care of them after event. Robbers No you’re good people, they want to come and steal. Come and have fun with us. I have 40 years of history and no one can touch it. And I want nothing!! I want to create jobs and healing.
We will honoring this Icon.
@art4peaceawards bring in the world to my city. Come and join us on October 28 at the Saban Theatre. The red carpet will start at 5 PM instead of 4:30. Saban is going to have another event, unfortunately. They’re giving us two hours to set up. We will see you all. - Message From #art4peaceawards President Dame @munni_irone - - - - #art4peacechallenge #art4peaceawards2018 #hollywood #globalchange #makingadifference #change #likeforfollow #followforfollowback #religiousunity #indianfollowers #followforfollow #instagood #morefollowersplease #influencer #influencermarketing #indianfollowers #followforfollow #instagood #morefollowersplease #getmorefollowers #getmorefollowershere event will make history. We have a whole bunch of stars coming from all over the world. You miss this event you going to be very sorry. What do you want countries participating in a be going to get more. We know that I’m saying their names you’re too scared. Keeping it low-key and making things happened is the smart way of doing things. See you all there on October 28 at Saban theatre. - #art4peaceawards2018 #art4peace #worldfilmfestival #hollywood #globalchange #makingadifference #change #likeforfollow #followforfollowback #religiousunity #indianfollowers #followforfollow #instagood #morefollowersplease #influencer #influencermarketing #indianfollowers #followforfollow #instagood #morefollowersplease #getmorefollowers #getmorefollowershere
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