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Arriving back to Kuwait yesterday morning at 11 am, just in time to spend my birthday with family 🙌🏻 a great way to start 29. ___________________________________ after being surprised with a cake by my co-stars on the set of @officialsadeem at 12:45 am when we finally wrapped filming, we were met by our whole @meseoulkool family as the best birthday gift to myself & Donna (project manager & best friend - not in that order, who spent her birthday on set with me in Dubai on the 9th). ___________________________________ I’m not so big on birthdays, but as I listened to everyone singing for me on set, it hit me that this was the second year I’ve been sung to on set. Last year was in Korea, while @angieq8 & I shot for @meseoulkool. This year was Sadeem & I’m so lucky to call the people I work with my family, but I was so selfishly consumed with how much I miss my kids & my husband that I forgot something: I should be ridiculously happy that people care for me enough to surprise me - that @angieq8 went out of her way to get a cake in Korea, that @officialsadeem rallied at 12:45 am to surprise me despite having been on set since before the sun was up, that my @meseoulkool team members drove to the airport on a weekend to welcome us home. So this one if for you guys who suffer from my bad reactions to surprises: I freaking appreciate you. I freaking love you. Thank you.
تابعوا الڤلوق الجديد من رحلتي إلى دبي على IGTV. الرابط في البايو ✨ ___________________________________ Up now on IGTV, a new Dubai vlog! Check it out by clicking the IGTV button in my bio ✨
Your friendly, neighborhood leopard printed hunnies
Dizzy, but make it fashion.
A full day of filming & all I got was this photo ✨
Your girl is back, Beirut. Let the games begin @officialsadeem
Breakfast with Carolina Herrera calls for leopard print & her initials on your purse #CHInsignia @carolinaherrera #chcarolinaherrera
شاهدوا الفديو كامل على اليوتيوب 🌐 ♥️ اللنك في البايو ✨ ___________________________________ A new vlog is up now on our channel! Check the link in my bio to see the epic fail of shooting for @desertbabykuwait ✨ ___________________________________ 📸: @walidfatam
Coming at you with an #AsciaIn60Seconds from my day yesterday ✨ ___________________________________ 📸: @walidfatam
Currently at the airport beginning a long work trip after being home for a good chunk of time this summer. These three boys are my life, and leaving them sucks but I also love my job. I tried explaining to Adam that though he’s my first priority, I love my work too & it’s important that Mama works. I would hate my kids to associate working to being miserable & being drug somewhere against your will. The balance is hard. Hands up to all the working parents out there: you’re enough. You’re doing great. ________________________________ 📸: @walidfatam
Never not fighting about potty with @ahmad_asb 😩 ___________________________________ Captured by our newest team member @walidfatam ❤️
Last one guys...because the feed demands symmetry 🙊 unretouched because smile lines, milia & pores are the spice of life!
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