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#Repost @thepindiboys • • • • • • We were on a drive randomly made a stopover to try something different and purely desi food and saw this baba ji selling channay. Ordered four plates meanwhile Baba ji was preparing stuff I just realized his eyes shed into tears may be he was trying to control his tears. I asked baba ji ap theek hain. He just nodded his head and ignored. Upon resisting for quite a while, he said "Beti jb bachiyan ghr main jawan bethi hon to bewaqt ansu aa jate hain. Then he started narrating his story. Guys Meet Muhammad Khalil Khan, 70 years old man who sells Channay sometimes Gol Gappay, and chat at "Chungi Sadiqabad stop Rawalpindi" to earn for his family. He's the only one serving his family. He is having 3 daughters. The elder daughter was married but unfortunately divorced. Her first husband died and the other one was fraud. The second daughter is happily married. Now he wants her third daughter to get married but he has nothing in hands to make arrangements for it.. He is hardly managing the roti for his family going hand to mouth. He only wants if the expenditures of her daughter's Shadi like catering, meal etc can be arranged. I promised him that I will do something whatever I could and asked him if I can take a picture. He literally started crying. Somehow got his picture. Pakistanis ! How much wedding of a daughter of poor father will cost. Not more than a lac probably. We spend millions on our wedding functions. Lets help this poor Lachaar father by contributing your bit. This will ease his burden to greater extent. If you wanna help, here's his number: 03009186112.  You can find him with the cart at : Chungi Stop, Sadiqbad (Muslim Town) Rawalpindi. PS: His channas were super tasty and well served Credit: Remi Ka Via : The Islamabadians
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