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New Episode of #OKLA #OKLAPodcast is up with your three favorites myself and @dorothy_lucey + @steveedwardsofficial ! Discussing Breast Cancer and taking everyone through my journey 💪🏼💕Link in bio
Having my girl @lisaashleybeauty over to say THANK YOU for pushing me to go to the 10th annual mammogram & mimosas party. Thanks for these cookies to whomever sent them (the box was gone when I got home!) ⁦ @lizkroman and @michaelablaney coming over too to celebrate the fact that we found the cancer
New Episode of #OKLA #OKLAPodcast is up with your three favorites myself and @dorothy_lucey + @steveedwardsofficial ! Who thinks Steve is the least church boy out of all of us?? Link in bio
Who’s ready for Halloween!!!! We love it over here - these guys are especially scary at night... ☠️
New Episode of #OKLA #OKLAPodcast is up with your three favorites myself and @dorothy_lucey + @steveedwardsofficial | Throwbacks for the 13th Episode with special guests!
It’s currently a 90 degree fall in LA so I thought it was appropriate to do a blog post on my pool design that many ask about! Click the link in bio to read about it!
Did you listen to the new episode of the #OKLApodcast | @dorothy_lucey and I love giving @steveedwardsofficial a hard time 😂 | Click the link in bio!
Highlights at home makes for a great Sunday with @mrbradleydarling
New Episode of #OKLA is up! @dorothy_lucey + @steveedwardsofficial and I chat it up once again! Link in bio! #AudioBoom
Morning breakfast nook the neon light reflection on the glass of the print ✨
YOU GUYS!!!! I’m here with @toofaced on @hsn until midnight tonight! Come tune in! What’s your favorite Too Faced product? 💄💋
Never enough jewel and pink tones pillows!
Gangs all here 😎 New #Podcast is up with @dorothy_lucey & @steveedwardsofficial ! Who thinks Steve should have us all over to his house??? || Link in Bio!
Fresh flowers on a Sunday - the simple things!
If you like something, do it yourself! I’m absolutely obsessed with Shay Mitchell’s living room and the black and white painting in last weekend I made one for myself! Click the link in my bio to see other #DoItYourself art!
Sundays with the crazy cat 🐯 #TigerLily | Swipe to see more hilarious photos - This cat is like a dog!
Happy Wednesday! 💋
LIVE today (10AM PT) on @hsn for @toofaced ! 💋❤️💄
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