Stay the FUCK out of my swamp, human mortals
R we there yet r we there yet We have arrived
Hbd :~)
My grandma n my mom prolly the year before I was born ☺️
On broad
Broken light meter/my inability 2 properly focus the camera made em dreamy n hazy like summer tends to b
Just got back the sweetest pics from camping w this sleepy boi
In other news, this shiny clean car being reclaimed by agents of earth Ur next
❕DREAMY SEAFOAM LOAFERS 4 SALE ‼️so funny story I bought these pastel men’s 6.5 loafers thinking they were women’s, any 8.5 women or 6.5 men interested? They’re soft and in good shape, a very very pale (almost white) seafoam greenish color. I paid $10
Hangin w friends
Y’all talkin a lotta shit about autumn, but I’m still out here rockin these breezy summer looks
Many skies/THE sky
Embarrassed even b4 I won #gottagofast
a very alive n wiggly sand dollar !
Welcome 2 the gulf shores, we’re always watching!
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