No one wants to see pictures of what I do for a living, so I post pictures of what I do for living. |Master travel itinerary creator| 💫🌍

Happiest of birthdays to my person and your lawyer's favorite lawyer. Happy Birthday, Erika!!! 🎈🎉
I know a girl that saves pictures from places she's flown to post later and make it look like she's still on the go.
Gotta hit them angles. #niceforwhat ?
The blues are to be seen, not felt. #youcanquoteme
Fake my death, go to Bali, that's the only option.
Who is that touching my elephant? 🤔
Sail away, sail away, sail away... Or float.
We landed in Bangkok on her birthday. As soon as we got two feet on Thai soil, we didn't stop ripping and running through four countries until we got back to the US. We share a sense of adventure and desire to absorb every moment of an experience even when the experience involves jet lag, mystery meats, and language barriers. And she managed to get me on another 15+ hour flight. Now that time is moving a little slower, here's the proper birthday shout-out, even if (3?) weeks later. Truth is, every day is like a birthday when we're traveling the world. Here's to many more birthdays and many more trips. 32? Where?
I hope human ingenuity never ceases to amaze you. #subak
Guide: Be careful, it's dangerous. Me:
Stay far from timid. You can't tell it was raining. #wakandaforever #fortheculture #baliswing
"Plus she keep a head wrap, Erykah Badu status."
Visit Nusa Penida while it's still (relatively) new to tourism. The roads are very rough and unpaved in most parts but the ride is worth it for the views. I'm in love.
My cousin and I had a long layover in Xiamen, China, a port city and popular tourist destination... for other Chinese people. Judging by the long stares and multiple requests to take pictures with us, we were more like three-headed alien celebrities than tourists. We did not see a single person who was not Asian. Not one. We somehow made it to a shopping district, Zhongshan Road, by taxi and back and did some great shopping and eating with about a two-word Chinese vocabulary. Most people were averaging a one-word English vocabulary. It was an experience. Hello, thank you, and a smile go a long way around the world. And having some yuan doesn't hurt. #xiamen #fujian #ifyoutookapicwiththeblackgirlsonzhongshanrdtagus
I heard it snowed back home.
Stay fly and never miss a piece of sunshine.
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