Marc "mr marco" Frucht

Known for soundtrack music in Duke Nukem 3D and Sonic the Hedgehog. "Just google me, it's all there."

Rest In Power Roy Clark. Amazing, Inspiring and Humble Guitarist!
Jazzy, right? Happy Friday Eve, Eve!
Who needed proof I was an old-school gamer? Pretty sure this was Twilight Zone. For by Ian Shaw.
Remix of my "Hey Mon" song. I really like where he went with it.
The Loan Ringer. Mean old man.
Ah the Angst song. I once had a little kid request this song but I had no idea what he was talking about at first. He was saying he wanted me to do his favorite song about eggs. "You know, 'I got eggs in the morning, I got eggs..." Hahaha. An accidental parody was born right then and there.
Tone poem, Treat your ears...
For your listening pleasure...
Wait, 6 what per mile? What what?? Wow. I'm quite proud of my niece Brandy. #518
Fun to listen to, still to this day.
Buy my redundant song for free. Download a couple it's digital.
I haven't had one of these in a very long time. Years ago actually. My-Milwaukee-girlfriend-bought-them-by-the-4pack long ago. That was a long time.
Ocean Pacific. Way back then...
Too funny! A translation card for a 7th grade Spanish class. For the record, I did NOT make this card and it is not true.
Poems 4 Roberta. About to release a single.
Rumble! Reminds me I need to see if anything's new over at the Soundation DAW. And did you see IBM is buying out RedHat? I seem to remember they've always been supportive of each other at least as early as version 3.1 or so.
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