Marc "mr marco" Frucht

Known for soundtrack music in Duke Nukem 3D and Sonic the Hedgehog. "Just google me, it's all there."

This was a Pizza Hut? Now it's all covered in daisies.
I wanna know Who the men In the shadows are...
I hope this song can help each of you with any PTSD that's building up.
This 1954 handmade classical guitar has a caved in face now. Someday when I can afford it I want to get it restored. It's sound was hauntingly beautiful.
Again I give you the Redundant Song again. Once again I hope you like it, once again. Enjoy.
Reflecting again: what today's music industry sounds like vs. how it COULD sound
Give it away give it away now. Just click here: Free linernotes PDF and everything. :) Enjoy!
It's beginning to look A lot like Xmas Now that it's Halloween Take a look at the 5&10 Getting expensive once again
In the morning waking up, pour a box of muselix, the taste is gonna move you...
MY FELLOW GUITAR GEAR NERDS: You may appreciate this, or maybe you won't... For last night's gig I gave myself a huge problem to solve. I used only  Compressor, Delay and a tiniest bit of natural distortion from the amp's  volume. The first time I've ever stripped down that much to where you  cannot hide any of your mistakes or hesitations with fuzz, flange,  chorus or OCD or anything. Hehehehe. It went surprisingly well. Try it some time, you might like it!
Tickets are 10$ - Seniors $8. 75% of proceeds goes to a local Willimantic Soup Kitchen.
I'm so happy, humbled and honored to be able to say yes to playing lead guitar in the orchestra pit for this "benefit rock concert musical."
My first rehearsal tonight for this Musical. Today was just two guitars, piano and scratch vocals. Sunday begins dailies for full band and live Musical. Yay! Showtime is second weekend of December. In Harry Chapin's tradition 75% of proceeds goes to local charities. I'm really looking forward to helping support this cast.
HBD Jimi!
Bajo y mas bajo.
Hard Medicine, Heart Medicine. Listen up.
The music video to this song was filmed by Andrew Proctor on a Black Friday several years ago. I'll have to find the link for you it's hilarious.
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