Marc "mr marco" Frucht

Known for soundtrack music in Duke Nukem 3D and Sonic the Hedgehog. "Just google me, it's all there."

Welcome back
It was a double rainbow but I didn't get both in the frame. This was about 2 hrs ago.
This is just to say... Donald Trump has trouble with plums too. anomassss, er uh, I mean anomanoussss So sweet and so cold. Forgive me.
Just go to: and get this book. You know you wanna...
Rev. 17:2-4 Suddenly it revealed itself to have gotten just weird enough for me. -- Hunter S. Thompson
When an app knows you better than some of your friends do even...
Sometimes a great lesson plan goes poorly even though it was well implemented. Reflection will show you how to overcome that with even the most difficult group of unengaged students.
@blyssmark cover. They say Interview is unbankrupting next month. Wouldn't this be just perfect? Yippie!
29aug18 - Catching the sunset from EPB's Irene Carlson memorial bench.
These hot August nights/days are the ones where the Moon and Sun can look more like siblings than cousins...
About last night...
Selfie in front of the old Blue Gene's Pub porch
Selfie On The Hammond Porch
This was the Olympic games a friend of mine was supposed to play field hockey for. The boycott/ban meant no chance of another olympics. He did manage to do several of the "friendship games" that were at least a little bit international.
I was singing Odetta's "Oh Freedom" medley in a woodsy location right near the Mystic/Groton border.
Mike Polazzolo with Franklin Lymestone band playing a fundraiser at Sneakers for one of the original band leaders. Place is packed. I hope it did well.
Summer performance under a pavilion in northern Norwich CT.
Cat Feet by marco frucht Saturday morning's summer fog - Little cat feet cover every square millimeter of my windshield: It's like you grabbed the nape and daubed; And then moved on.
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