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Et puis doucement, sans le vouloir, on passe du cœur a la mémoire - Gérard Presgurvic Roméo et Juliette . Some extra inspiration for this lovely NYE private party "Les secrets de Versailles" check @lloyd.acardi for more info about how to contact Le Roi and more inspiring pictures. I hope you like it. This one we took it with our camera. Xoxo have a great week ❤️💋🎩💙💙 . Picture by @jeroen_aalders Costume #gerritsentheaterkostuums Edit, model @atreyasdream
I can't copy the text anymore from other Instagram posts that are not mine, really irritating, I think is a new ig policy thing. Thanks so much @fancygoth_edit for this honour. I'm a new member and part of the family 🎩🖤🖤🖤💋
Why can't they let a girl marry three men, or as many as want her, and save all this trouble? But this is heresy, and I must not say it - Lucy Westenra . One more from my Halloween costume inspired in #lucywestenra I hope you like it, I need it to crop it but yes IG 🖤💋 have a great weekend 🙏💋 . . Picture by @jeroen_aalders Make-up, costume, model Atreyasdream #nes116 #mayermanor #feastofthebeast Sponsored textile/fabrics from @deboerenbonthal #boerenbonthal @back_stage_amsterdam @maccosmetics
Another one from my evil Queen is watching you photoshoot. I hope you like it xoxo 🖤🖤💋 . . Picture by @jeroen_aalders Make-up, edit, model Atreyasdream Dress, crown, hair clips @darkincloset #darkincloset Make-up #backstageamsterdam #kryolanofficial #beneyecosmetics foundation #maccosmeticsamsterdam #hermanvanveenartscenter . Don't you sing to your darklings, why so silent?, it must be a coincidence, but now because your silence I know it wasn't - Atreyasdream
Your body is the church where Nature asks to be reverenced - Marquis de Sade . A first official picture from this NYE production. I hope you like it. Have a great day❤️🙋🏻‍♀️💋 . Picture by @marc_lottermoser @lloyd.acardi @mayer_manor_amsterdam @tenclub_theartofcuriosity #gerritsentheaterkostuums #gerritsenkostuumverhuur . "Les Secrets de Versailles", NYE 2018-2019: une célébration costumée exorbitant extraordinaire! Code de Dress: 🎩La Monarchie française, 1660-1792🎩 . Champagne Countdown! A month from today, "Les secrets de Versailles" will all be unraveled and revealed... new year's Eve, night bombastique (21:00-06:00), in the little nice palace of the Roi in the heart of Amsterdam. More info: Ticketshop: Early bird is already gone, be quick Mon Enfant Chéri 💋
One more from this gypsy goth Photoshoot. I hope you like it. Have a great weekend dearies whatever you do ❤️🙋🏻‍♀️💋 . Picture by @jeroen_aalders Make-up, styling, model Atreyasdream Location: #soesterduinen @back_stage_amsterdam @maccosmetics #maccosmeticsamsterdam @kryolanofficial #nofilter . You got good taste, use it in every encounter and relationship as a way to gain experience in life - Atreyasdream
Life is like a war sometimes, but you must keep fighting - Atreyasdream . More from Elfia with this cool girls. If you find yourself please tag yourself. It was fun! Picture by @jeroen_aalders Model in the middle, make-up geisha and costume Atreyasdream
It's an awful truth that suffering can deepen us, give a greater lustre to our colours, a richer resonance to our words - Anne Rice . . Some pastel pink vibes today. I was missing them lol 🦄 I hope you like it. Have a great night 🖤❤️💋❤️ . Throwback 2 a portrait from this "Ego goes Ego" Photoshoot Photo by Marc Kruse Studio's Moenkust @maccosmetics @back_stage_amsterdam
It is better not to see it all in white and black, sometimes you need to draw the colours in your life - Atreyasdream Another one from this glam-manga-industrial set I hope you like it xoxo ❤️🖤💋 . Picture by Jerome van Niftrik Co-photographer @jeroen_aalders Make-up, styling, model Atreyadream Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands .
- Lucy in the sky with diamonds - The Beatles . Picture by @jeroen_aalders Make-up, costume, model Atreyasdream #nes116 #mayermanor #feastofthebeast Sponsored textile/fabrics from @deboerenbonthal #boerenbonthal . I really enjoyed making this Halloween costume inspired in Lucy Westenra. She's one of my favourites vampires, in classical/original style
I never wait for people who made me once wait and didn't saw me as I'm, they don't stand a chance, I just play games with them - Marquise Atreyasdream 😂❤️ . . One of the flyers from this NYE Costumes Party, I was part of it. I was glad I did the photoshoot with this rebel and selective organisation, busy organising costumes/theme parties for longer then 16 years and I went to 14. I enjoyed that day, it was fun!! I'm on the back kissing a nobleman 🙋‍♀️😂😂 I made some pictures of the making of, I will post some when I have them ready. Xoxo ❤️ . #Lloyd_Acardi  on behalf of @tenclub_theartofcuriosity  presents New Year’s Eve 2018-2019: Les Secrets de VERSAILLES! 👑  Louis the Great - Sun King of France, patron of the arts, absolute ruler of good taste - invites only the most intimate, selective, seductive, outstanding, exceptional, exorbitant followers of his Kingdom (and beyond), to his Nuit Bombastique in his secret chambers de Versailles. Dans un petit palais au coeur d’Amsterdam. All-inclusive tickets d’entrée cost 150 euros, including all drinks (open bar), royal hors d'oeuvres and pâtisserie, musique magistrale, animation absurde… In lustful opulence we welcome the new year! 🥂 Curious much? Can you live up to Louis’ standards? If you believe you're worthy of an invitation for ‘Les Secrets de Versailles’: please answer 3 questions and submit your contact details at ➡️ "" ⬅️ His majesty rules as he pleases, but pleases while he rules. Bonne chance
One more from this set, I hope you like it xoxo ❤️🖤 . I see it all in orange and black instead of only black now, was it worth it? - Atreyasdream 😂 ❤️🖤 . Picture by @jeroen_aalders Make-up, styling, model Atreyasdream #maccosmeticsamsterdam @maccosmeticsnl #backstageamsterdam #beneyecosmetics hat from #cyberdogclothing @cyberdogofficial #fantasyshopchimera . Instagram app is crashing for many people and posts are not shown on feed. This means not everyone who follows sees the posts Ok we can't change it, algorithm, I saw it with my prior post 🤔🤔🙋‍♀️
1 minute track from one of my recent videos. Let it go, a raw acoustic track I decided to add into my new Digital Ep, soon released. You can find it on my YouTube channel. 🙋❤️ I hope you like it. I will try to add the Igtv app here on IG, but because it is only for vertical formatted video's 🤔 it's not to easy to convert your YouTube videos there .. Have a great day dearies 💋🙏❤️💋 . Video, music production by Atreyasdream .
The bnw version 2. This set somehow it looks good in both version, including bnw. Xoxo 💋🙋
I was since yesterday night with a crash on my IG app, I couldn't open the app today without the crash, lucky I solve it. Here you have more from this set. Have a great weekend everyone 💋🙋🖤💋❤️ . Picture from Ton van Loonkhuizen Make-up, model Atreyasdream
The black and white version 🖤🙋 . The other day someone asked me what style means to me and I said, maybe those quotes can define what I think: . Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality - Shawn Ashmore . Create your own visual style ... Let it be unique for yourself And yet identifiable for others - Orson Welles . Style isn't just about what you wear, it's about how you live. - Lilly Pulitzer .
A more natural me with an old painting atmosphere. I hope you like it dearies 💋💋🖤❤️❤️ . Picture from Ton van Loonkhuizen Make-up, model Atreyasdream . Your oldest friend Your closet lover Show them your art Show them your alchemy - Iamx
🖤 I'M HERE 🖤 . The sea once it casts it's spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever - Jacques Cousteau . I wanted to post a set of 3 pictures from my mermaid with a story. I hope you like them. Xoxo have a great day. . Picture by @jeroen_aalders Makeup, costume, edit, model Atreyasdream Location: Ibiza @kryolanofficial @maccosmeticsnl @back_stage_amsterdam #backstageamsterdam #maccosmeticsamsterdam
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