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To all those of you who have read, bought, shared, reviewed and sent me messages about The Dark Between Stars, thank you. I cannot tell you how much it means to me that someone relates to my madness. These words are for you, lovers. xx Atticus
Wow, "The Dark Between Stars" made the final round for book of the year. Thank you all so much! Voting is still open to choose the winner, the link is in my bio. Let me know if you vote so I can say thank you! Xx Atticus
'Why I Love Her' #atticuspoetry #love #forever #poem
"Forever Unexpected" #atticuspoetry
Wow, "The Dark Between Stars" has been nominated for book of the year, and made it to the next round. I'm so pumped. Thank you! Can you help me and vote for it? The link is in my bio. It's super quick. Comment below if you do so I can thank you! xx
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